Preston Front, series 3 – TX brochure

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‘Preston Front’ was written by Tim Firth, directed by Chris Bernard and Rick Stroud.  It was produced by Bernard Krichefski,  with associate producer Thea Harvey and executive producer Julian Murphy.  It starred Colin Buchanan as Hodge and featured  the adventures of a group of friends brought together by the Territorial Army.  Also featured were Carolyn Pickles, Oliver Cotton, Angela Lonsdale, Alistair McGowan, Paul Haigh, Adrian Hood, Tony Marshall, Kate Gartside, Caroline Catz, Keiran Flynn, and David MacCreedy, with guest appearances from Samantha Fox, Stirling Moss and Nicky Henson.

Series one was entitled ‘All Quiet on the Preston Front’, with the two subsequent series being shortened to ‘Preston Front’.  The comedy was set in the fictional Lancastrian town on Roker Bridge.  Series one was transmitted in 1994, two in 1995, with series three going out in 1997.  Series one and two had 6 parts, with series three having 7.  It was recorded on location in Padiham.  The comedy won several awards including Best Comedy Drama (Comedy Awards), and Best Series (RTS), and it was nominated for a BAFTA.

Thanks to John Greening for making the brochure available.

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