Radio Birmingham – ‘206’ relaunch

This is a report from the Sandwell Evening Mail in November 1980 about the re-branding of Radio Birmingham as “206”, and the tag line ‘Five Star Listening’. ¬†According to the article the ‘five star’ could refer to the 5 main presenters, the five counties ‘206’ broadcast to, or to the quality of the station! ¬†The article features a photo of Tim Manning, Radio Birmingham’s Community Relations Officer.

Thanks to Tim Manning for making the article available.

One comment on “Radio Birmingham – ‘206’ relaunch
  1. Well done Tim……….gosh how long ago!
    Enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Breakfast ‘Morning West Midlands’…..I remember the animated discussions about the title……JP wanted it said as a newspaper deadline, I wanted to say it as a greeting!

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