Radio Birmingham’s opening broadcast

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Here is the opening broadcast from Radio Birmingham circa 1970. You’ll notice that the presenters have received pronunciation, and there isn’t the trace of a Brummie accent.

Thanks to Andy Caddick for finding and sharing this sound clip.

BBC Radio Birmingham

The following comment was left by Pete Simpkin on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Pete Simpkin: ‘Quite right about the voices Vanessa-I was amazed to be accepted at Radio Birmingham just a few months after being refused a job at Radio Solent in Southampton my home town because my voice was ‘not acceptable’ there! Another aspect of recruitment of staff to many of the Local Radio second wave of stations of which Birmingham was one was that at the time there was quite a bit of relocation of staff as these stations were in effect replacing the old BBC Regions as part of the major re-organisation plan called ‘Broadcasting in the Seventies’.’

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