Radio WM at the Birmingham Superprix

Photos from Rod Fawcett, no reproduction without permission. Bristol St Motors garage, 1986. Rod Fawcett: “This was the first race back in 1986 – you can see a few damp jackets in the pic, due to the heavy rain that fell on that day.”

Rod Fawcett: “Ivan Capelli coming into the temporary pit lane area – it’s 1986 – look at the rain on the track! Also, Ivan is driving with one hand on the wheel! He went on to drive in Formula 1 for Ferrari in 1992.”

Rod Fawcett: “This is 1987 I would say – note the completely dry tarmac! Here Bristol Street Motors is being used as a temporary pit lane area.”

Bristol St Motors, Superprix garage. Rod Fawcett: “Great atmosphere – I particularly like the temporary electrics rig on the upper left of the pic! This is 1986 the cars have full ‘wet tyres’ for racing.”

Bristol Street Motors, Superprix garage. Rod Fawcett: “The race mechanic really getting into the maintenance work here!! This is the 1986 event.”






















































These photos from Radio WM engineer, Rod Fawcett, are of the Birmingham Superprix race circuit from 1986-7. Bristol Street Motors provided the garaging area.

Radio WM were given access to the race, and broadcasted from the circuit.

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