Redevelopment of Pebble Mill site

Dental Hospital on former Pebble Mill site. Copyright resides with the original holder.












The article below was published in the Birmingham Post, and Birmingham Mail on 21st March 2017:

“The next phase of a major regeneration at the former home of the BBC in Birmingham has been revealed.

Calthorpe Estates, which owns the old Pebble Mill site in Edgbaston, has lodged new plans with the city council to create a building of up to 53,820 sq ft containing a range of medical facilities.

This latest stage is for a building of up to five storeys on ‘plot 4’ which will face onto Pebble Mill Road off the A38 Bristol Road.

Other elements of the regeneration include the new dental school, which is now open, a private hospital to be run by CircleHealth and new student accommodation.

There is not much detail on this latest phase as the planning application is only seeking outline consent for the building as a whole but it could contain R&D facilities, a hospital and a ‘non-residential institution’ such as a health centre or clinic.

The site has been vacant since 2003 when the former BBC Studios were demolished and the corporation moved to the Mailbox.”

(N.B. the date given of 2003, for the demolition of Pebble Mill is inaccurate. Production stopped at Pebble Mill in 2004, and the building was demolished in 2005).

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Ruth Kiosses: ‘Let’s hope they have a better pump under the building than PM did, oh what fun when the flood water used to rise up to wardrobe windows, giving approx five minutes to raise costumes off the floor before it gushed in. First time it did it the electrical plugs in the floor were smoking.’



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