Regional Station Assistant challenge

Photograph from Rosin Elder, no reproduction without permission. Left to right, Christine Palmer, Roisin Elder, Fiona Barton, Maureen Carter, with Peter Poole behind.













My memories of being a Midlands Today Regional Station Assistant include playing sound effects on the grams at the back of this pic to cover the mute films. My fellow RSAs and I would run a competition each evening whereby we would choose a totally inappropriate sound effect that had to be played-in without anyone noticing. The most challenging night for me was when I was charged with playing the effect of a nuclear bomb exploding into a story about a new golf course.

Nick Patten

One comment on “Regional Station Assistant challenge
  1. We played that game in VT too. “disc of the day”. My favourite was “WW2 destroyers in the Channel going “whoop whoop woop” Sue Beardsmore tells the story of getting a late running order with no time to rehearse so the story title was just “Turkeys” so live on air she opened the fader with suitable gobble gobble noises only to see pictures of processed Turkeys on a production line!

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