Saturday Night at the Mill – photos by John Burkill

Photos by John Burkill, no reproduction without permission.

‘Saturday Night at the Mill’ was a live entertainment show that went out between 1976-81. It was set in the courtyard behind the Pebble Mill foyer (where ‘Pebble Mill at One’ was situated).

An ice rink seems to feature in this episode of ‘Saturday Night at the Mill’, and Bob Langley is the host. ┬áPresenter Donny MacLeod is also featured, and it is possibly Anita Harris who is skating.

Please add a comment if you recognise other people in the photos, or can add other details.



Saturday Night at the Mill

3 comments on “Saturday Night at the Mill – photos by John Burkill
  1. “Saturday Night at the Mill” usually came from the foyer (like “PM at One*) and only from the courtyard on special occasions. The programme featured does, in fact, show Anita Harris ice-skating and singing “One” (by Sondheim?). Kenny Ball and the Band played outside because an American singer on the programme refused to do so.
    Other outside segments at other times were when we had the Band of the Coldstream Guards out there (with Kenny Ball), interviews being conducted by Jenny Hanley and when we had a team of dancers from Bali (or somewhere) with scenery designed by Rob Hinds. I have photograpohs of both events. A later series – “Saturday Live” – was mainly set in the courtyard with the audience sitting at tables, with some musical items set in the foyer. It was presented by Gloria Hunniford and Simon Bates.

  2. Hi Keith

    If you have any additional photos, besides those that you’ve already given me to put on the website, then it would be great if you could email them or send them to me.

    Best wishes


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