Shalom Salaam – Dave Bushell’s photos

Photos by Dave Bushell, no reproduction without permission.

These photos of  ‘Shalom Salaam’ were taken by Dave on location in Leicester and in Pebble Mill Studio A.

1 – Tea break on Leicester Station. John Abbott (Engineering Manager) in discussion with Gareth Jones (Director). Crew and cast frolic gently in background.

2 –  Zia Moyeddin (Sadiq Sattar). Studio A

3 – Mamta Kash (Mumtaz Sattar) and Toby Rolt (Adam Morris) discuss a tracking shot with director Gareth Jones. Shot on a freezing cold day in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield

4 – Mamta Kaash (Mumtaz Sattar). Studio A

5 – Clare Holman (Jackie) trying to keep warm on Leicester Station.

‘Shalom Salaam’ was written and directed by Gareth Jones, and produced at Pebble Mill by Chris Parr.  The 1989 series follows the story of  a Jewish boy  (John Cater) and a Muslim girl (Mamta Kaash) who fall in love whilst at college.

Location tea-break

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