Sig Tunes – The Archers and Farming Programme

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The recording includes:

1. The Archers signature tune (original version). This is the full version of a tune called Barwick Green. It was composed by Arthur Wood in 1924. In 1992 a stereo version was recorded with a new orchestral arrangement.
The Archers
2. TV Farming programme signature tune. Opening and closing. Date unknown.

Thanks to Peter Poole for making these recordings available.

One comment on “Sig Tunes – The Archers and Farming Programme
  1. I remember the Farming programme theme. It dates back to the 70’s when the programme was presented by Philip Wrixon, recorded in studio B and was TX’d of a Sunday lunchtime. I’m not sure if it was just a local programme or whether it was networked; probably the latter. That said it was a long time before Countryfile was thought of. Well done to Peter for finding it.

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