Studio B stripped down – photos by Philip Morgan

Photos by Philip Morgan, no reproduction without permission.

These photos were taken by Philip Morgan in November 2004, on the viewing days before the auction of Pebble Mill equipment, after the building was decommissioned, but before demolition.

The photos are of Studio B, which was the Midlands Today Studio, on the first floor, overlooking the courtyard.

2 comments on “Studio B stripped down – photos by Philip Morgan
  1. Hello Peter. The thing that struck me as I wandered around the building was the asbestos warning stickers posted on most of the studio doors (warning of the material actually being in the door itself). As Pebble Mill was of a mid to late sixties design and build I wonder just how much of this material was embedded and hidden in other parts of the building (pipe insulations, acoustic insulations, electrical distribution boards, etc.) and whether this factor may have played some role in the demise of the building due to the complexity and expense of the refurbishments required to safely remove all of it. I have a PDF of a brochure about the opening of Television Centre in London (some ten or so years earlier than the opening of Pebble Mill) and that actually boasts of using asbestos for fire protection of the steel frame!

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