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Photo from Julia Versluis, no reproduction without permission.

Style Challenge was a BBC 1 Daytime make-over show, which ran on weekday mornings from 1996-8. Contributors had a clothes, hair and make-up makeover. The key format point was a revolving mirror, meaning that the contributors could not see their transformation until the very end of the show.

The presenters of the show included John Leslie (centre in the photo), Kirsty Young, Caryn Franklin, Shauna Lowry and Oz Clarke. The stylists included Trevor Sorbie, Ollie Picton Jones, Charles Worthington (on the left-handside in black), Hilary Alexander (next to Charles Worthington),Anthony Mascolo, Teresa Fairminer, Robert Frampton (at the front), Patrick Cameron, and Karen Mason.

4 comments on “Style Challenge
  1. A Blast from the past, a great show. I featured on the show in 1998.
    winter coat special, with Hilary Alexander, Caryn Franklin and Patrick Cameron.I say bring it back. People love to see normal people transformed.
    i’d love to see the look they’d give me today 15 years on.

  2. My daughter Kerry Doak was on style challenge about 96 and John Leslie was host. Is there any chance I could get the episode it was at pebble mill. I’ve lost the VHS.she is 30yrs old now I’d love to get it for her. Thank you she has a brilliant day at BBC STUDIO’S and you also gave her about ¬£250 worth of clothes…Many Thanks Scott Doak

  3. Hi Scott, thanks for getting in touch. This website isn’t run by the BBC, and I no longer work there, and therefore cannot help you with a copy of the episode of Style Challenge featuring your daughter. The best advice for you, is to contact the BBC and ask for a ‘contributor copy’. There is a cost, because of all the labour involved in finding and copying the show. Here is the link, with the information: , best wishes, Vanessa

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