Sybil Jenazian

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Sybil Jenazian passed away on Tuesday, 17th May 2016, after a short illness.

For many years Sybil was PA to John McGonagle on Match of the Day. Before joining outside broadcasts at Pebble Mill in 1971, she had worked as a PA in Light Entertainment.

Thanks to Jim Dumighan and Louise Willcox for sharing this sad news.


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  1. My husband and I have known Cybil for many years and were sad to hear of her passing. Does anyone know where and when her funeral will take place?

  2. Hi Pauline

    I will let you know if I hear about the funeral details.

    Best wishes


  3. Sybil was a regular at St George’s Chapel on Sundays and she came to almost every event with the Friends of St Georges.
    We have heard that she will be cremated on Wednesday 1st June at Manchester Crematorium at 12 noon.
    Her niece has told us that there is to be a small reception afterwards at Deanwater Hotel, Woodford and all are welcome. No flowers, donations to Cancer Research.
    Sybil was known to many people and will we will all miss her very much.

  4.             the funeral of Sybil Jenazian will take place at 12 o’clock on
    Wednesday 1st of June in the Old Chapel at the Manchester Crematorium,
    Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester, M21 7GZ.
    Then afterwards at The Deanwater Hotel, Wilmslow Road, Woodford, Cheshire.
    SK7 1RJ.
    The Family have requested no flowers but donations to Cancer research may be
    made instead.

        Best regards,
            Dave Hume.

  5. Can anyone please fill me in as to any details re Sybil’s illness. I had been trying for ages to contact her and left several answerphone messages to no avail and then the number was discontinued. I’d also left a note in her Wilmslow letter box and am so upset I didn’t know a thing about her death.

    I knew she had some treatment in London as she had phoned to thank me for insisting she go to the doctor but nothing at all that it was so serious.

    My husband had known Sybil since teenagers and I’d known her since I married in 1060. We regularly went out for meals together.

  6. Hi I am Sybil’s god son and would like
    to speak to any of Sybil’s friends who like to share
    Any memories of her I am happy to talk on phone
    Or via email

  7. Replying on behalf of my wife Debbie, Geoff Popes daughter (Sybil’s cousin) She went for lunch with Sybil in April and Sybil mentioned she was going in hospital in London for some treatments and would be out of action for a few weeks. We have tried to contact her at her London address and also sent a letter as we could not get a reply. We have just found out tonight about her passing. We are sorry, please pass on our condolences to the rest of her family.

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