Telly Addicts – photo from Ian Collins

Telly Addicts figure

Telly Addicts was a studio based game show presented by Noel Edmunds.  It was produced at Pebble Mill and recorded in Studio A.  Two teams, sat on sofas, were pitted against each other in a test of their TV knowledge.  The format mostly involved seeing clips of different TV shows and being asked questions afterwards.  The series began in 1985, with the final episode going out in 1998.  There were some celebrity specials (especially in the later years), but most of the early episodes involved families.  There were generally around 16 episodes a year.  The format changed a little over time.  The early years saw the winners of the previous week staying on and being challenged by a new family.  From 1987 there was a tournament style format involving 16 teams in 8 qualifying heats, the winners of which then went forward to quarter finals, then semi finals and concluding in a grand final.

There were a number of different producers and directors over the years.  Producers included Tim Manning, John G Smith, Richard Lewis and Helen Lott, and directors included Annette Martin, Nick Hurran and Sue Robinson.  John King was the executive producer.

Thanks to Ian Collins from Post Production for taking a photo of this Telly Addicts figure!

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