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‘The Clothes Show’ ran from 1986-2000. It was a spin off from fashion items on ‘Pebble Mill at One’.  Roger Casstles was the executive producer.  Jeff Banks and Selina Scott were the original presenters.  The fashion magazine show mixed catwalk with high street items.  The show became very popular for its stylish visuals, and use of digital video effects.  It was transmitted on Sunday afternoons.

In 1989 The Clothes Show Live exhibition at the NEC was launched, which is still an annual event, and The Clothes Show magazine started a little later.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Ruth Kiosses: “I was on the show dressed in an Edwardian evening gown at the Barbican centre January 1989. A year later I was working at pebble mill and bombing around in the clothes show ‘wagon’ the large box van with CS logo on. I remember a very funny journey thrapsing down to Oxford but that’s another story! ”

Hilary Anne Hughes: “I remember trying to get some mens ties to stay put while they shot underwater. We wired the ties in the end then they could be shaped but stayed in place.”

Ruth Kiosses: “There was a Vivienne Westwood corseted evening gown that arrived in huge box. The dress was so enormous with layers of net the model could hardly walk in it! It looked amazing but totally impractical for anyone who wanted to do anything other than stand still!”

Becky Land: “Finding a sofa covered in recucled fleece then hauling it up a hill in Snowdonia so models could drape themselves over it. Surreal.”

Janice Rider: “Took Selina Scott shopping for the rock ‘n roll edition . She had a wonderful flat overlooking Hyde Park . She and Jeff joined in with a rock ‘n roll dance club for the shoot – very amusing.”

Jane Green: “I was the runner on the first ever Clothes Show Bride of the Year – a Mrs Elizabeth Barnes. Mad, mad few days but fabulous programme. Years later was director. Usually worked with Jeff who wandered off a lot during filming to use phoneboxes to make business calls while crew were waiting and public held back by security to get the shot. I’d have to go find him. I worked with Viv Westwood, Naomi Campbell, Philip Treacey and more. Hardest job I ever had.”

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  1. Loved working on Clothes Show as production assistant when it originally set up on the 7th floor with just myself, Colette Byrne, glorious A.P. Clare Stride and hilarious, talented Exec Prod Roger Casstles. Memories : Roger barking down the phone regularly to Peter Urie, Production Mgr “There You are “, and Clare Stride giggling about doing a shoot: Mens Knickers from Knutsford! Meeting mad celebs on the Give Us a Twirl insert from George Melly to Jenny Pitman.Working on runway rehearsals to Right Says Fred “I’m too sexy…”. Lovely Caryn Franklin insisting I take a seat after rushing round the madness of London Fashion Week, and charming Selina Scott asking “will Claire be there ?” before filming ( became an office joke). P.A. on live OB’s (total programmes) with Roger trying to trick me 30″ before on air, Roger actually paying some compliments to me over the years apart from the odd shout! Later helping as researcher and finest moment PSC Director on Clothes SHOW live exhibition quite well received ( she says smugly)!!

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