The future of the Pebble Mill site – Paul Newman

entrance to Pebble Mill car park

Pebble Mill security hut

7 years after the BBC decamped to the Mailbox planning permission is now well advanced for a relocated Dental Hospital where the BBC Nursery used to be, with its frontage onto the Bristol Road. The big construction project is due to start next year and open for patients around 2014. The side of the site facing Pebble Mill Road is due¬†to be occupied by a private hospital – I don’t know which group – but there is a question mark over funding, or so my contacts tell me at the City Council. One third of the site has no fresh use planned at present, although a nature trail is under consideration alongside the brook. Last time I walked past the tree in the middle of the car park was still standing, rather forlorn, but it probably has some form of limited legal protection from the bulldozers. I suppose it’s rather ironic, if that is the right word, that a film location where a fictional medical drama was shot every day will soon become a location where real medical dramas happen every day.

Paul Newman

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