‘The Golden Oldie Picture Show’ – Siobhan Maher Kennedy

‘The Golden Oldie Picture Show’ was my first and last directing experience. John King was great, he gave me my first chance at directing for this show.  I was 20 yrs old and I presented a storyboard idea to one of the Beatles songs, ‘Help!’, and shot on location in my home town of Liverpool.  The idea was to show Liverpool in a positive light.  IRONY: on the last day of the shoot the camera car was broken into by Liverpool scallywags and the equipment and film reels were stolen.  That kind of ended the directing thing for me!  It was just too stressful!  I had a great little movie somewhere in those film cans.

It was sad at the time.  I was so young and ambitious.  Everyone worked so hard and we had beautiful weather.  We went on the radio and appealed to return the film but no luck.  We did re- shoot but the weather was against us and it looked so miserable.  It was broadcast I think.  I can’t remember the storyline but went everywhere!  All my favorite sights.  I had a cameraman who went on to be really famous ,Chris …I can’t remember!

Siobhan Maher Kennedy

Dave Lee Travis recording Christmas edition

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