The Harrier

Photos by Andy Stowe, no reproduction without permission































Photos by Andy Stowe, taken from the roof of the Pebble Mill office block, of the arrival of the Harrier, in 1982, as part of Pebble Mill at One.




One comment on “The Harrier
  1. This was the first of two Harrier visits. The noise caused consternation and traffic problems on the Pershore Road next to the landing site.

    I think there is a video of this available on YouTube

    I’ve similar photos that I took from the 8th floor balcony of the second Harrier visit one, possibly two years later, this time the visit was from a Fleet Air Arm Harrier and support helicopter

    They learnt their lessons for the second visit, traffic was stopped and I believe that local residents were invited in for hospitality as compensation for the noise.

    I’ll find and post my photos soon, the scans of my original sides aren’t too good and I’ve got to find the original slides in the attic again.

    I showed a photo to a friend who was a Lieutenant Commander who served on the Arc Royal and his words were “One of Mine”!

    Bob Allison

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