The Ritz – Janice Rider

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Specially shot video with costume designer, Janice Rider talking about the 1987 Pebble Mill drama series: ‘The Ritz’.

The series was written by John Godber, who along with Martin Shardlow, directed it.  It was produced by Chris Parr. The comedy drama was set in a newly acquired nightclub in the North of England.  It was based on the play, ‘Bouncers’, by John Godber.

The series starrred Richard James Lewis, Paul Rider, Andre Dunn, Andrew Livingstone, and Richard Ridings.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page about ‘The Ritz’:

Mary Sanchez: ‘I was secretary to Chris Parr at the time and went along to Libertys nightclub to watch some of the filming. ( my first time on a film set) Mark Addy also starred in it who as you know is v well known now and also andrew dunn . A fun production to be involved in!’

Terry Powell: ‘I loved this show one of the best things I worked on we were such a happy team.’

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