The Sheik of Pickersgill – Janice Rider

Specially shot video with costume designer, Janice Rider, talking about the 1978 Pebble Mill drama, ‘The Sheik of Pickersgill’.

‘The Sheik of Pickersgill’ was written by Mike Stott. ‘Sheik Fahmi wants to learn to speak English in three weeks in the soccer centre of the world. When he arrives at the Academy, with his supply of banknotes, the residents of Pickersgill cannot believe their luck.’

The play was directed by Alan Dosser. ┬áIt starred Anthony Sher, Richard Wilson, Diana Davies, and Eileen O’Brien.






One comment on “The Sheik of Pickersgill – Janice Rider
  1. When I was at Swanshurst Grammar School during one of the summer holidays I volunteered on an International Work Camp in Cannon Hill Park. This was for the ‘Service’ section of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. My friend Gloria Long volunteered with me. There were young volunteers from France and two from Bratislava. We slept in very basic huts on the edge of the park!
    Were you there? The reason I ask is that a very sensible, capable girl a few years older than me led and organised the volunteers. Her name was Janice Rider and I have just googled that nane and you look remarkably like the person I remember. We were building a stone ampitheatre in the park and last time I went back it was still being used for outdoor performances!
    Would love to hear from you.
    Very best wishes
    Jo Cole (I was Josephine Manley)

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