The Afternoon Play – Turkish Delight


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This screen grab is from a drama series with the working title of Popcorn. The series was renamed as The Afternoon Play, and this episode was entitled, Turkish Delight.

Thanks to VT Editor, Ian Collins, for making them available.

Thanks to Neil Roberts and Dawn Trotman for adding information about this production.

Here is the entry from the Radio Times, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

‘Turkish Delight. Carol turns her mundane life around when she learns belly dancing.
Written by Rowan Joffe ; Producer Carson Black ; Director Adrian Bean


Written By: Rowan Joffe
Producer: Carson Black
Director: Adrian Bean
Carol Haye: Denise Welch
Trevor Haye: Tim Dantay
Brenda: Glynis Barber
Inez: Rae Baker
Suzie: Charlie Hayes
Malcolm: Neil Newbon
Ahmed: Anatol Yusef
Sirous: Michael Tezcan’

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