Vanessa Jackson, Good Morning with Anne and Nick

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This is a photo of me, Vanessa Jackson, taken for the Pebble Mill Press Office, circa 1992. It was taken when I was a producer on Good Morning with Anne and Nick. I worked with Alex Fraser at the time on the VT inserts, and we commissioned Independent production companies to make the pre-recorded strands which went out on the magazine show.

Production co-ordinator, Gail Herbert gave me the photo, which she found in the basement of Pebble Mill, when the building was cleared prior to being demolished in 2004/5.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Alexandra Fraser: ‘Wow feels like yesterday and this gorgeous photo brings it all back!’

Jane Mclean: ‘Don’t look any different! Not sure what to say about it being found in the basement!’

Ruth Kiosses: ‘I’ll have you know all the very best people were in the basement at Pebble Mill!!!’

Steve Johnson: ‘I worked on Good Morning with Anne and Nick at the last series, looking after the ‘hotliner’ students.’

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