VT Maintenance

IRC012 03 85











Photo by Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is dates from March 1985, and shows installation or maintenance of one of Pebble Mill’s VT Suites.

The owl on the monitor in the back of shot was wired so that his eyes lit up!

VT Editor, Tim Savage, added the following information: ‘this was the first incarnation of VTE when it was an Electra suite prior to changing to the Sony 9100 edit controller. The eyes of the owl lit up red so that directors knew when the edit was actually being printed rather than rehearsed.’

One comment on “VT Maintenance
  1. The owl was bought for me by a retiring PA called Hermione and her replacement (all I can remember name wise) because they thought it looked like me! One eye was later changed to green to indicate eight field lockup (don’t ask). I still have it.

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