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  1. I worked at Pebble Mill from 1985 to 1992 as a house services technician, when the job was put out to tender I was made redundant however I worked along side some super people and regard my short time with the BBC at Pebble Mill as the best days of my working life. I looked forward to going to work at that time as you never knew what the day had install for you, I can remember being at Alan Tithmarch feet connecting a fish pond pump as he looked in to the camera and said good afternoon and welcome to Pebble Mill at one, that was a close call.
    I spent quite a lot of time working on the House that was built in the grounds used to show how to carry out DIY jobs in the home but the most rememberable time was Regional Clubs day when Pebble Mill played host to to the various BBC regions with all kinds of sports taking place throughout the day and in the evening a dinner and dance that went on in to the early hours.Kind Regards Paul Bradley (happy days)

  2. I worked at Pebble Mill between 1979 and 1987. It didn’t actually feel like going to work – more like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It was supposed to have been the Midlands white elephant, but Phil Sidey in particular and the staff in general ensured that the place soared above that position. Phil was an unpredictable, iconoclastic genius and polymath who for me personified the very best of the BBC’s creative, risk taking spirit. His invention of daily live TV from the foyer, rather than a studio made the atmosphere in the building crackle with excitement and tension. It was a genuinely amazing place to work.
    The BBC’s decision to shut and demolish was an act of insane vandalism. The Mailbox is risible by comparison

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    Thanks for adding this comment. I’m going to post it up in its own right, as a blog post – I hope this is ok with you?

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  4. I started my career in professional broadcasting at Pebble Mill as a vacation trainee engineer.I remeber Alan Edwards man ops, who was the engineering manager at Aberfan 50 years ago today, who stopped the riggers from going to help, because they had a job to do as part of the news team, to report the historical events, so they should not be repeated. I remember my Welsh teacher mother Olwen holding me and weeping as we watched the families digging for their children. I am so gld that John Humphries and Huw Edwards, fellow Taffia have remembered and so eloquently reported on the anniversary. I have never forgotten, and so it would appear neither have they. diolch yn fawr iawn am gofio AberfanI was privileged to work with John in SPUR, BBC TV News when he was South Africa Correspondent, & Lime Grove BBC NCA 1978-1988, and under Brigadier Alan Protheroe DDG Ed Tel News, and finished my career as Acting Planning Manager BBC NCA Resources, before resigning when the BIRT/Checkland double act took office. I am glad someone else remembers Pebble Mill, speaking as a BBC Pensioner. JRH

  5. Hi John

    Thank you very much for adding this comment, and such a poignant memory on this anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. I would like to post your comment up as a separate item on the Pebble Mill website today, because you recall the Aberfan tragedy. I hope that you are happy that I do this. Please let me know, if you are not. Best wishes, Vanessa

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