Trinity Tales – Bob Jacobs

Trinity Tales – Bob Jacobs from pebblemill on Vimeo.

Bob Jacobs was the 1st Assistant Director on Trinity Tales.  The Pebble Mill series, which went out in 1975, was written by Alan Plater as a contemporary take on Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’.  It follows the stories of a group of fans on their way to the Rugby Cup Final at Wembley.  As in the ‘Canterbury Tales’ they swap stories along the way.

David Rose was the Producer and Michael Simpson and Tristan de Vere Cole the Directors.  It starred: Bill Maynard (Stan the fryer); Francis Matthews (Eric the prologue); Colin Farrell (Nick the driver); Gaye Brown (the wife of Batley Alice); John Stratton (the man of Law Smith); Susan Littler (Judy the Judy); Paul Copley (Dave the joiner); Peter Benson (Reuben)

Trinity Tales cast

‘Vote for Them’ – Bob Jacobs

Vote for Them – Bob Jacobs from pebblemill on Vimeo.

In this video Bob Jacobs talks about working as 1st Assistant Director on the 3 part drama series – ‘Vote for Them’, written by David Edgar.  The photos were taken by Bob Jacobs and Bev Dartnall.

The series was set in Egypt as the Second World War was coming to a close.  It was a political drama set amongst Allied troops as they consider what sort of world they want after the war and form “parties”, holding debates and elections.

The series went out in June 1989.  It was shot on location in Cairo, with a sand quarry in Dorset also doubling as Egypt.  The interiors were recorded in Pebble Mill Studio A.

Carol Parks was the producer, James Ormerod the director, with Michael Wearing as Executive Producer.

On location in Egypt

Oliver White talks about Mike Leigh and Nuts in May

Oliver White on Nuts in May from pebblemill on Vimeo.

This video is of Pebble Mill Film Editor, Oliver White, talking about working with writer and director Mike Leigh on the 1976 Play for Today: ‘Nuts in May’.  The drama starred Alison Steadman as Candice Marie and Roger Sloman as Keith.  It was produced by David Rose.  ‘Nuts in May’ was screened at the ‘It Came from Pebble Mill’ weekend held in July 2010 at the Midlands Arts Centre, and Oliver is talking after watching the drama there.

Empire Road

Empire Road from pebblemill on Vimeo.

Producer Peter Ansorge and writer Michael Abbensetts talking about the 1978-9 series ‘Empire Road’.  ‘Empire Road’ was the first and only black soap opera on British television.  It was recorded in Pebble Mill Studio A, and on location in Handsworth.  It starred Norman Beaton as Everton Bennett.  Two series of ‘Empire Road’ were made, comprising 16 episodes in all.