All Memories Great and Small – part 6, Janice Rider

All Creatures Great and Small cast, 1989. Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission














Here is the next excerpt from “All Memories Great & Small” by Oliver Crocker:

Memories from Janice Rider (Costume Assistant on 1978 series, and Costume Designer on 4 episodes in the 1989 series):

‘I first worked for the BBC in 1976 and sometime after making a couple of period costumes for Joyce Hawkins, I was offered a seven week contract as a Dresser on the first series of Poldark. My enthusiasm was soon dashed however, when after I had revealed to the designer during the second studio recording that I had never worked on location before, I found myself unceremoniously ditched from the show… it never pays to be too honest! However, because the BBC had to honour the contract, I was transferred onto The Sheik of Pickersgill as Costume Assistant which was, ironically, a mini promotion! From then on I continued as a Costume Assistant and in 1978 began working on All Creatures Great and Small with Anne Barfield.’

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Basil Brush Front Page

Basil Brush front page



















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This is the rehearsal script front page for The Basil Brush Show from 1975.

The rehearsals took place in a church hall in west London, whilst the recording would have taken place in Studio A at Pebble Mill. Basil Brush was a London production, hosted at Pebble Mill.

Thanks to sound supervisor, Roger Guest, for sharing the front page, and keeping it safe since 1975.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

David Crozier: ‘I was that designer. Was it really forty years ago? Good grief.’

Peter Trevena: ‘I worked on this,great fun’

Susan Astle: ‘Really enjoyed working on this. Used to have breakfast on the train with design on the way to rehearsals in London. Charlie Bond on Bloody Mary’s and lovely Ian Fisher and Nigel Jones. ‘

Philip Morgan: ‘Through the kindness of Roger Nash I got a radio interview with “Basil”. I also sat in at one of the Saturday afternoon dress rehearsals in Studio A. As part of the banter the sidekick (Mr Derek?) asked Basil if he had any friends. “Of course I’ve got friends” replied Basil “I’ve got friends I haven’t even used yet!” That certainly drew a hearty laugh from the crew…’