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Thanks to Ian Collins for making this titles grab available.

East was the Asian current affairs series, which went out in the spring/summer during the 1990s on BBC2, whilst Network East, was transmitted in the winter.

Here is the Radio Times copy from the first episode of the 1996 series, transmitted on 3rd April, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

“Return of the series viewing current events from an Asian perspective. Last among Equals Veteran broadcaster Mark Tully reports on the exploitation, violence and even murder to have struck the second-class Christians of India. As the Christian world prepares to celebrate Easter, the Indian caste system – contravening the Christian teaching that discrimination constitutes sin – condemns millions of Christ’s followers to worship, live and even be buried separately from their high-caste brethren.
Producers Yugesh and Sunandan Wallia; Series producer Mike Finlason” http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/4d382bf111844264bf42f8f3d0019731

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Ann Haywood: ‘Pity Arthur Haywood is in the great editing suite in the sky, I used to hear so much about the programme.’

Sarah Dunning: ‘Was it Gary Vollans who did the re-design?’



Karen Davies’ blog

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I was asked to man the lift when Princess Anne opened the building….even bought a new scarf for the occasion. As a PA of only 4’11” stature and spending most of my time in the 2nd floor bar, nervous personnel doctored the lift buttons to make sure I pressed number ‘4’ to take her to the lofty management echelons! I also practically passed out waving my antennae on the reception steps in an extremely unwieldy rubber ant costume for a Pebble Mill At One, Doctor Who feature. The joys of being diminutive. I joined the Asian Unit as Gerry Hynes PA in 1971, became a Production Assistant a year later & left for ATV in ’78. Carole Glover, Coral Higson, Heather Storr, Jenny Homer, Polly Whitehouse, Jane Alderson & Pam Relton were my partners in crime.

(The photo includes Dr Charles Hill (Chairman of BBC Governors), white haired man on the left, it is David Rose (Head of Drama) who Princess Anne is talking to, and 3rd from the right is Bob Gale (senior dresser).)

Asian Programme Unit – photos by Peter Poole

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Lisa Sommerville  and Karen Hewson. Photos by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

Lisa and Karen were production assistants working in The Asian Unit. This department produced TV and radio programmes for the Asian community. I remember working on the radio programme which was in Urdu. The producer and presenter was Waseem. I had to rely on hand signals for playing the discs and tapes. I then did the edit under Waseem’s guidance. I always enjoyed working with Asian Unit. They were a great team and very nice people.
Peter Poole
Here are a couple of comments from the Facebook page:
Tariq Azis: I remember Lisa and Karen well..they would tolerate me and my sister when we were loitering around the office, I was probably around 10 at the time…they’re exactly as I remember them in these photos!
Jayne Savage: Karen now runs the very successful Westbury Park Guest House in Bristol.