Pebble Mill Reunion – 6 Sept MAC

A Pebble Mill reunion is being arranged by the BBC Club – although you don’t need to be a member to come along.  Details as follows:

.Tuesday, 6th September, The Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park.

· Free car park, entrance opposite the newly refurbished Edgbaston Cricket ground.

· Number 45 and 47 buses to/from town, every 10 minutes.

. 12:00 to 22:00ish.

· Bar, ours until 17:30, thereafter open to the public as well; food available in restaurant all day.

· Tuesday Tunes on the terrace (or bar, if wet) in the evening.

Hope you can come along, and meet up with friends from Pebble Mill!

Thanks to Annie Gumbley-Williams for making the information available.

Tug of War – BBC Pebble Mill Club

Photos by Roger Mulliner, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are of a tug of war held at the BBC Pebble Mill Club.  This was probably part of a summer party held over at the Club, or part of Regional Clubs’ Day

The second girl from front is Helen Sandon, who worked in Finance and the lady in the turquoise top towards the back is probably Wendy Mawson.  Second from the back, in the sunglasses, is probably David Bellinger. The fourth woman from the left with the navy top and red shirt is Janet Bellinger (David’s ex).


Regional Clubs Day – photos from Gail Herbert

Photos from Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

Pebble Mill had a very active BBC Club.  The Club was not only the focus of socialising and drinking, but also of sporting activity.  Each year there would be a Regional Clubs Day, where members of other BBC Clubs from around England would get together and compete in different sporting events.

Gail’s photos include:

Photo 1: Regional Clubs Day ’90, (left to right) Gail Herbert Chairman, David Waine President, Linda Parsonage Club Manager

Photo 2: BBC Pebble Mill Club members celebrating winning various cups. Some of the people in this shot are: Jane Dance, Julie Adams, Karen Hewson, Sue Brown, David Waine, Ted Woodhead, Colin Spears, Andy Turley

Photo 3: Regional Clubs Day (left to right), Sue Williams, Stan McDermott, Colin Bayliss, Billy Bennett, Tony Noble, Sue Brown, Keith Bojczuk, Colin Barnett

BBC Club Staff 1987 – photo from Gail Herbert

BBC Club Staff 1987

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

This photo shows the BBC Club Staff at Pebble Mill in 1987.

Included from left to right are Pauline Rice, Lesley Moore, Gail Herbert (Club Chairman), Jim Simmonds, Kim Giles, Theresa Gordon, Mac and H, Linda Parsonage, Hilary Paton, and Mavis Silver.

The BBC Club was based in separate single storey building across the brook from the rest of Pebble Mill.  It is the only building still standing on the site.

BBC staff spent many a happy lunchtime over at the Club!  It was an excellent place for networking and catching up on the gossip.

Thanks to Gail for making the photo available.

BBC Club Flood 1987

The BBC Club at Pebble Mill was badly flooded in 1987 when a massive water pipe ruptured somewhere nearby.  Very quickly the terrace where staff had been drinking and eating was underwater, followed by the little car park at the front of the building, and then the building itself.  The Club was out of action for several months whilst the building dried out and was repaired and redecorated.

Thanks to Gail Herbert, Chair of the BBC Club for many years, for making the photos available.

Gail comments: “The lady wading on the patio is Joyce Latham. I’m the one with only a shirt on in the lounge & Linda Parsonage is to the left of me. Can’t remember the names of the other two but they were bar staff.”

Please add a comment if you remember the flood at the Club.

Flooded Terrace at the BBC Club