Shalom Salaam – Bob Jacobs


‘Shalom Salaam’ was written and directed by Gareth Jones, and produced at Pebble Mill by Chris Parr.  The 1989 series follows the story of  a Jewish boy  (John Cater) and a Muslim girl (Mamta Kaash) who fall in love whilst at college.  Zia Mohyeddin, Charlotte Cornwell and Buki Armstrong also featured.  Bob Jacobs was the 1st Assistant Director.

Photo by Willoughby Gullachsen

‘Come to Mecca’ – Bob Jacobs

‘Come to Mecca’ was a series set in Brick Lane which went out in 1983.  It was written by Farrukh Dhondy, directed by John McGrath and produced at Pebble Mill by Peter Ansorge.    The play starred Zia Mohyeddin, Bharti Patel, Atal Patal, Sharman MacDonald, Dinesh Shukla, Nick Stringer, Moti Makan, Paul Anil.

Bob Jacobs

Morte D’Arthur – photos from Bob Jacobs

Morte D’Arthur was a drama adaptation of the book by Sir Thomas Malory, based on John Barton’s adaptation.  It was transmitted in 1984, under Robin Midgley’s leadership of the English Regions Drama Department at Pebble Mill in Studio A.  It was directed by Gillian Lynne (seen in both photos here) and produced by Robin Midgley.  Bob Jacobs (behind Barbara Kellermann in the top photo) was the 1st Assistant Director.

The drama featured: Barbara Kellerman, David Robb, Anton Dolin, Jeremy Brett and Nickolas Grace.

Days at the Beach – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen











Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Days at the Beach’ was a BBC 2 Playhouse drama transmitted in 1981.  It was produced by David Rose at BBC Pebble Mill, and written and directed by Malcolm Mowbray.  It was filmed on location in Wales.  Set in 1920, the story follows three soldiers: Sergeant Major Globe, Corporal Mumford and Private Tobe as they guard an unexploded mine washed up on the beach.

The film was edited by Chris Rowlands and Bob Jacobs was the location manager, and John Kenway the Director of Photography.

It starred Mark Aspinall as Private Tobe, Sam Kelly as Sergeant Major McGlobe, Stephen Wale as Corporal Mumford and Julie Walters as Mrs Morgan.