Doctors, after the bombing – photos by Neil Roberts

Photos by Neil Roberts, no reproduction without permission.

‘Doctors’ was probably the last production to finish recording at Pebble Mill, and decided to go out with a bang rather than a whimper.  Taking advantage of the fact that the building was going to be demolished they staged a bomb blast in the Riverside Surgery and Lether Bar, on the last day of shooting.

Neil Roberts, who still edits ‘Doctors’ from its new site at Birmingham University, took these photos after the last shoot.  Neil was the last avid editor in Pebble Mill, fine cutting ‘Doctors’ – it must have felt like being on the Marie Celeste!  Chris Rowlands performed the last online edit at Pebble Mill, onlining the ‘Doctors’ episode which Neil offlined, the following day in VTA.

RAC Rally – photos by Paul Scholes

Photos by Paul Scholes, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are from the outside broadcast of the annual RAC Rally called ‘Rally Report’, which was produced at Pebble Mill for many years.  The team would record and edit from the location, moving on each day, finishing the nightly broadcast and transmitting via satellite from the OB truck.

The top photo shows left to right: Chris Rowlands (film editor), Ken Pollock (producer), Jon Bentley (producer and now presenter of Fifth Gear), Gurpi Sani (post production engineer), Pete Shannon (editor).  The lower photo shows Jon Bentley and Pete Shannon.

Days at the Beach – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen











Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Days at the Beach’ was a BBC 2 Playhouse drama transmitted in 1981.  It was produced by David Rose at BBC Pebble Mill, and written and directed by Malcolm Mowbray.  It was filmed on location in Wales.  Set in 1920, the story follows three soldiers: Sergeant Major Globe, Corporal Mumford and Private Tobe as they guard an unexploded mine washed up on the beach.

The film was edited by Chris Rowlands and Bob Jacobs was the location manager, and John Kenway the Director of Photography.

It starred Mark Aspinall as Private Tobe, Sam Kelly as Sergeant Major McGlobe, Stephen Wale as Corporal Mumford and Julie Walters as Mrs Morgan.