Angela Horsman B’ham Post article

Angela Horsman Bham Post article




















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The article above, tells about how Angela Profit (formerly Horsman) has lived with cancer for the past 14 years. It appeared in the Birmingham Post on Thursday 19th March 2015.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jane Ward: ‘She’s so wonderful – still sending texts – got one this evening….No words to describe how amazing Angie is…x’

Pete Simpkin: ‘This is so moving. I have just lost my wife who was an active lady like this to cancer and my thoughts go out to Angela and her family.’

On the House – cat flap

On The House cat flap












Photo by Chris Wedgebury, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is from the last series of the BBC 2 DIY show, On The House TX 4th November 1988. Steph Silk was the series producer, and the presenters were Rick Ball, Pattie Coldwell and Harry Greene. I was the researcher on an item about how to fit a catflap, which we recorded in the studio house, in the back garden of Pebble Mill. I brought in my dog, Oscar (whose head is sticking through the cat flap) to test out the cat flap. The cat in the photo is Steph Silk’s cat, Bagpuss. I do remember that The Clothes Show Exec, Roger Casstles brought in his own cat, also called Oscar, who was Siamese, and spent most of his time sat on top of the fence surrounding the house.

Vanessa Jackson


Here is the Radio Times entry for the episode, from the BBC Genome project

‘Third of six programmes What’s new pussycat?
Pattie Coldwell looks at what’s available in cat flaps. Rick Ball finds out if self-build is worth the effort as the Cures move into the home they’ve built themselves. Troubleshoot goes to Nottingham where Harry Greene helps Stasia French draughtstrip her front door.
What’s in Store keeps you up-to-date with the latest in DIY, decor and design. Producer ANDREW MEIKLE
Series producer STEPHANIE SILK BBC Pebble Mill
Send factsheet requests to: [address removed]. Enclose £1.25 for double issue (3 and 4) or £3.50 for whole series (1-6)
ChequeslPOs payable to Housefax’

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jane Ward: ‘I remember that day so well!
My grey tabby, Chutzpah, took part too. I remember having “cat catchers” stationed all over the set as various moggies made their bid for freedom! Chutzpah’s expenses cheque was never cashed…(about 99p?!). Think it hung in my loo for a while.
I think Angela Horsman (now Profit) from Contracts also brought her long haired fluffy cat in (sorry, not sure of breed!). I seem to remember she (the cat!) looked around most disdainfully at the whole proceedings…
Hilarious day! ‘


Friday Night at the Mill ticket

Friday night at the mill pass Adam Cooke











Friday night at the mill pass reverse Adam Cooke













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This ticket is from the staff party held on 3rd September 2004, to mark the closure of the Pebble Mill building, when production moved to the Mailbox in the centre of Birmingham, and to the Drama Village in Selly Oak. The pass was designed by Chris Hession.

The party was a very good night, with different activities taking place in the various marquees shown on the reverse of the ticket.

Thanks to Adam Cooke for sharing the ticket, and keeping it safe for the last decade.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jean Palmer: ‘This was a great night but I never got into any of the tents ended up talking to loads of people. What happened to the Mill message book?’

Stuart Gandy: ‘It was indeed great night, with many mixed emotions.’

Jane Ward: ‘Great night….but bitter-sweet….’

Lynn Cullimore: ‘It was a fantastic night and I so enjoyed it. Happy memories.’

Pebble Mill in the Snow

Pebble Mill in snow Gav Yarnold

Shefali Oza, Karen Kenworthy, Nigel Craze(Gav Yarnold)

Gav Yarnold



































Photos from Gav Yarnold, no reproduction without permission.

Here are some photos of Pebble Mill in the snow from 2004.

The second photo in the Pebble Mill Club includes Sharuna Sagar, Midlands Today weather presenter, Shefali Oza, Karen Kenworthy and Nigel Craze.

The third photo is of Gav Yarnold at work.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Jane Ward: ‘Reminds me of my first day at Pebble Mill…. Departmental meeting in Geoffrey Hewitt’s office ( in one of those offices off the front corridor between Reception and the Network Radio complex/foyer…. Looking out to a snowy Pebble Mill Road. 16th Feb 1987…’

Peter Poole: ‘In snowy weather most of the Pebble Mill at One audience did not arrive. A call went out for staff to fill the audience area.’

Alan Bentley: ‘I did a 30 hour shift there as no one could get in or out, can’t remember the date.’

Pete Simpkin: ‘Reminds me of a great snow in the early eighties when I walked the 7 miles from Shirley to PM to do my afternoon programme phoning in travel news from call boxes on the way. Must have been mad, they don’t do things like that any more!’

Lindsay Doyle: ‘It is Sharuna in the picture, it was January 2004, the night we were snowed in, Pershore and Bristol Roads blocked. I had filmed the lead story for Midlands Today and had to abandon the car half way down Bristol Road and totter in high heels, slipping and sliding at 1730 in a desperate attempt to get back to edit it, fun times.’

Midlands News 1992

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

These pages are taken from the Midlands News 1992 (regional internal BBC newsletter).

This two page spread is about the expansion of Pebble Mill’s, Radio 2, Popular Music Department.  Also included is how Pebble Mill’s Radio 3, Serious Music Department, has escaped the cut backs faced by other departments in the regions.

Thanks to Marie Phillips for making this newsletter available.