Regional Top Gear – Jim Knight’s photos

Photos by Jim Knights, no reproduction without permission.

These photos date from the early days of a regional Top Gear programme.  It was a film shoot somewhere in Europe.  The director is Derek Smith, the PA is Claire (surname not remembered), Jim Knights is the camerman.

It looks like a good time was had by all – and the crew was certainly well fed and watered, even if the crew car wasn’t very impressive!

crew trying it on with the PA

Regional News Opt-Out – photos by Jim Knights

Photos by Jim Knights, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are of a regional news opt out programme recorded in Berlin, and presumably about the Berlin Wall.  Jim Knights was the cameraman, and appears in most of the programmes.  The programme was probably produced at Pebble Mill, although it may pre-date the Pebble Mill years, and be from when the Birmingham newsroom was in Broad Street.

Please add a comment if you can identify other people in the photos, can date it, or add more information.

Midlands Opt-Out Locations – photos by Jim Knights

Photos by Jim Knights, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are from ‘Midlands Opt-Out’ location shoots, dating from the mid 1980s.  Each week there would be a 30′ Regional Opt-Out’ programme, which tended to be location based programme.  Jim Knights is the cameraman (sporting a Top Gear jacket), and he thinks that the other chap in the first photo is Charlie Tremanye (who went to World in Action, rose to Exec Producer and now produces reality TV in the USA and is quite a TV big-wig) and the PA is Linda Flavell.  The other two photos are also from ‘Midlands Opt-Out’ locations.

Thanks to Jane Marriott for providing information about Charlie Tremanye.

Please add a comment if you have more information.

Golden Oldie Picture Show, Little Willy – photos by Gail Herbert

Photos by Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

The ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’, was an entertainment series presented and linked by Radio 1 D.J., Dave Lee Travis between 1985-88.  Guest directors would shoot music videos for past hits, which had never had videos made.  It was their chance to interpret a song visually in whatever way they wanted.

These photos are from the video for ‘Sweet’s’ 1973 hit song ‘Little Willy’.  It was recorded in Stratford Upon Avon.  The cameraman is Jim Knights – shown in the photos.  The make up artist checking the tramp is Val Ackrill.

Regional TV, ‘Day Out’ – photos by Gail Herbert

These photos are from the 1983 regional TV series Day Out produced at Pebble Mill.  The first three photos feature Derby; the next four Tewksbury; and the last two the Peak District.  The cameraman in the first photo is Chris Weaver,  in the Tewksbury photos the cameraman is Jim Knights, and soundman Keith Conlon, with Gail Herbert P.A.; the cameraman in the Peak District photos is Pete Smith, Trina Bond the P.A and Mike Derby the director.

Jim Knights & Gail Herbert