Midlands Today – Best Regional Programme, RTS 1989

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission. L-R back-row: Brian Conway, David Waine, Steve Lee, Gary Hudson, Sue Beardsmore. L-R front-row: Kay Alexander, Roy Saatchi, Rick Thompson, the late Alan Towers.

Thanks to Jonathan Dick for sharing this article from the internal BBC newspaper, Ariel, featuring Midlands Today winning the Royal Television Society award for Best Regional Programme in 1989.

Gardeners’ World Golden Anniversary

Gardeners’ World is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. Tonight on Midlands Today, there was an item presented by Kay Alexander  from Gardeners’ World Live show at the NEC, showing some of the programme’s history.

The link below is to the Midlands Today 6pm show, and will work until the evening of 17th June 2017.

Below are some grabs from the Midlands Today item.

Mary Rhodes introduces Gardeners’ World’s 50th anniversary

Percy Thrower presenting on Gardeners’ World

Peter Seabrook presenting on Gardeners World

Geoff Hamilton presenting Gardeners’ World at Barnsdale, cameraman Steve Saunderson, director Denis Gartside (red jacket), PA Gail Herbert

Alan Titchmarsh presenting on Gardeners World

Monty Don presenting on Gardeners World

Outside broadcast truck setting up for Gardeners World

Outside broadcast truck interior

Colin Pierpoint blog part 18 – Move From Pebble Mill

Copyright, Colin Pierpoint. My best office at Wood Norton.

Copyright, Colin Pierpoint. My best office at Wood Norton.

Copyright Colin Pierpoint. Robin, seen from the office window.

Copyright Colin Pierpoint. Robin, seen from the office window.

























This is the final part of Colin Pierpoint’s blog.

(After working at BBC Pebble Mill since it opened in 1971, Colin was eventually tempted away).

In June 1980 I got a permanent post as a Lecturer at the Engineering Training Department at Wood Norton, where I had had two previous attachments of a year. I was lucky. The Head of ETD had retired, and the new head was Dr Owen from the Open University, so on the Board I was able to talk about all the OU courses I was studying for my degree. In June 1980 I began my new career, but that didn’t mean that I left Pebble Mill for good. Part of my work was to bring courses of students on a regular trip to Droitwich transmitting station and Pebble Mill. Being recognised by staff I used to work with was very useful, and got us into all areas to see actual operational work going on. (Unlike the tours you get now; where, even if you are ex-staff you don’t even see inside a studio). One Christmas I sent boxes of chocolates to each department in appreciation of all the cooperation I had in the past. I expect they thought I had claimed them back on expenses, but in fact I paid for them myself. I was still well known at Pebble Mill on visits with my students because ex-colleagues who met me would often say “Have you been on leave? Kay Alexander said “What happened to my coffee?”

Colin Pierpoint

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Stuart Gandy: ‘I remember my visit to Driotwich on my A course, but it was in autumn 1979, the year before you were there Colin. It was especially memorable because during that particular week, there had been some very bad weather and strong winds, which had actually blown down the long aerial wire that was fixed to the two masts. So you can imagine, there was a lot of activity going to to fix it. I remember they guys saying ..its not normally this busy!’






More Midlands Yesterday photos – Jane Ward


Brian Conway, Jane Ward, Kay Alexander


Ann Banks & Liz Silver


Mary Sanchez & Kay Alexander

midlands-yesterday-jw midlands-yesterday-3-jw midlands-yesterday-4-jw


























Photos from Jane Ward, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from the Midlands Today reunion, entitled ‘Midlands Yesterday’, held at the Midlands Arts Centre on Saturday 3rd Sept 2016. A good time seems to have been had by all, judging by the smiles!






Midlands Yesterday – photos Maureen Carter

Here is a selection of photos from the Midlands Today reunion – entitled Midlands Yesterday, held on Saturday 3rd September 2016 at the Midlands Arts Centre. Thanks to Maureen Carter for sharing the photos.

Anita Bhalla, Sue Beardsmore MC

Anita Bhalla, Sue Beardsmore

Ann Gumbley Williams, Jim Knights MC

Ann Gumbley Williams, Jim Knights

Ann Banks MC

Sally Morris and Ann Banks

Jane Ward, Mary Sanchez, Kay Alexander MC

Jane Ward, Mary Sanchez, Kay Alexander

Maurice Blisson MC

Maurice Blisson

Pete Shannon, Gary Hudson MC

Pete Shannon, Gary Hudson

Pete Shannon, Maureen Carter, MC

Pete Shannon, Maureen Carter

Richard Uridge MC

Richard Uridge

Rick Thompson MC

Rick Thompson and Gill Thompson

Rick Thompson, Pete Shannon, Jim Knights, Maureen Carter, Cathy Houghton, MC

Rick Thompson, Pete Shannon, Jim Knights, Maureen Carter, Cathy Houghton,

Roz Gower MC

Roz Gower and Mike Wilkie

Roy Saatchi MC

Tony Francis and Roy Saatchi

Sue Beardsmore, Maureen Carter MC

Sue Beardsmore, Maureen Carter

Midlands Yesterday 2 MC

? and Keith Ackrill

Midlands Yesterday 1 MC

Brian Conway, Kathy  Rochford, Sally Morris

Midlands Yesterday 3 MC

Bob Sinkinson, Frances Coverdale, Mike Wilkie, Jim Knights

Gary Hudson MC

Gary Hudson and Mark Readman

Midlands Yesterday MC

Maureen Carter MC