Camera crew in the Club

Photos by cameraman Bhasker Solanki of the camera team relaxing in the BBC Club after a recording. The photos were taken on 17th August 1984. The event was Bhas Solanki’s leaving do. He was going to work in London.

Photos by Bhasker Solanki, no reproduction without permission

Jim and Julia Gray, John Moorcroft, Simon Bennett

Keith Schofield, Jane Weir, Philip Thickett, Bhasker Solanki

Gillian Lynne taking a crew warm up

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Director and choreographer, Gillian Lynne, who died at the beginning of July 2018, taking a warm up with the crew.

This is from the production The Various Ends of Mrs F’s Friends, transmitted in December 1981.

Included in the photo are, Gillian Lynne, floor Assistant, Mick Murphy next to Gillian, then Pete Edwards, Jack Rooke, Phil Wilson, Keith Schofield, Phil Thickett, Robin Sunderland, Andy Miekle and Keith Froggatt, Jess Bhatti (studio attendant) in the background.

Thanks to Robin Sunderland for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Mick Murphy: ‘Studio A, ‘The Various Ends Of Mrs F’s Friends’. Scenic services had laid a chequered floor canvas which was creased. Gillian had the idea to get the studio crew in a line to shuffle it smooth…in a dance style routine of course. I was her assistant floor manager, marking time. She was a lovely person. Great picture, happy times.’

Karen Bevins: ‘I was Costume Assistant on it & Al Barnett was Costume Designer ‘

Kate Rolfe: ‘I was the assistant on this production and we finished making it in July 1981 when I went on maternity leave. It was her first telly and she was great fun to work with’

Pebble Mill at One, recording by the brook

Photograph by Robin Sunderland, no reproduction without permission













Keith Schofield on camera (EMI 2001) for a Pebble Mill at One item by the brook, in the back garden of Pebble Mill. It looks like the item was about a tree house.

Can anyone identify who is in the back of shot?

Thanks to cameraman, Robin Sunderland, for sharing the photograph.

Filming by the Brook

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Left to right in this photo are cameramen: Alan Duxbury, Keith Schofield, Dave Wilkins (hiding by Keith’s arm), Bhasker Solanki, and Robin Sunderland. The photo is from the early 1980s, and is probably for Pebble Mill at One.

Thanks to Robin Sunderland for sharing the photo.

Trading Up in the Sun – Portugal

Trading Up in the Sun - Portugal JKPhoto from Joanne Kenyon, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of the Trading Up in the Sun team in Portugal, 2003. The photo includes, left to right: Eugene Keogh,  Keith Schofield (cameraman) with the red top, Russell Minton (in front of Keith), Amanda Lowe (series producer) Lorne Spicer – presenter, Jo Kenyon in the pink top, next to Caroline Ossowaskia, Gordon Whistance – designer, between Jo and Caroline, Rob Leveritt (sound), Sangeeta Sedhev (seated), Ketrina ? next to Sangeeta.