Midlands Today colleagues – photo from Laura McNeill

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The photo of Midlands Today colleagues includes (left to right): Mary Sanchez (floor manager), Lindsay Doyle (Arts Reporter, Midlands Today), Laura McNeill (sound).

It was taken at the launch event of Laura’s sound company, after she left BBC Birmingham

Good Morning with Anne and Nick, Guernsey OB – Laura McNeill

Photos by Laura McNeill, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are from an outside broadcast episode of ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’, from the Channel Island of Guernsey.  I’m not sure of the year, but probably around 1993.  Alan Whicker was a guest.

The photos feature Anne Diamond and Nick Owen, Steve Pierson (Floor Manager), Sally (make-up), Eileen Hubball (wardrobe), Will Hanrahan (reporter), Sue Robinson (multi-camera director), Duncan Howell (design), Laura McNeill (sound).

Despite the hard work, it looks like a good time was had.


Demolition of Pebble Mill – photos by Laura McNeill

Photographs by Laura McNeill, no reproduction without permission.

Here are a few (sad) pics of PM being torn down. By a complete fluke Mary Sanchez and myself were just passing on the way to Cannon Hill Park. We saw the cruel tearing down of the front of the building which was quite emotional. Andy Foley came by as well and I know he took some news footage as well of this.

Laura McNeill