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All Over the Shop












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Thanks to Ian Collins for making this titles grab of the series, All Over The Shop available.

All Over The Shop was a shopping and consumer panel game show, presented by Paul Ross, in 1997-9. Panelists included actors and celebrities. It went out on BBC1 Daytime at 12.25pm. The producer was Caroline Jones, and the exec, Steve Weddle.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Steve Weddle: ‘It was a London creation – the second series was shipped in to Pebble Mill for reasons I can’t recall. So we inherited the format – flimsy, to say the least – and tried to make a half decent telly show out of it. I think we just about succeeded, but there was so much politics behind the scenes,given the half London/ half Birmingham set up. It did however open up channels for some PM production people to work in Events in London, especially Veronica Butt.’

Veronica Butt: ‘Linda Flavell Michelle Furey Ellena Stojanovic Yvonne Stevenson Julia Versluis Merrick Simmonds, Andrea Miller, Caroline Jones and Steve Weddle worked on it’

Julia Versluis: ‘I had fun trying to get Paul’s script onto all those lovely cards. Hours of fun! as well as trying to dodge the rest of the office printing on my labels before I could shout “no-one print” I do believe I have a photo of Veronica Butt, Paul Ross and myself at the end of show BBQ. I’ll see if I can find it.’

Caroline Jones: ‘Wow now that’s a blast from the past clearing all those logos was a copyright nightmare and all the guest who suddenly developed allergies to the items slated for the taste tests! Weird commission shipped up from London to stop us from closing the first time!’












Ian Bellion, Merrick Simmonds, Judy Hooker

Ian Bellion, Judy Hooker, Merrick Simmonds PP

Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is of film editor, Ian Bellion, Judy Hooker and Merrick Simmonds (foreground). In the background you can see film cans on the shelf, and edit trims on hooks.

It probably dates from the late 1970s.

Children in Need Evening Show briefing












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Merrick carries out the director’s briefing for the evening show for ‘Children in Need’ in the Studio C, foyer.

Left to right: Louise Willcox ? seated, James French, Dave Farline, Wilf Welch, Dave Brazier, Sue Beardsmore presenter, Merrick Simmonds dir, Roz Gower prod, Simon Bates presenter, Toyah Willcox presenter.

Children in Need walk through Birmingham

Photos from ‘Children in Need’ organiser, Marie Phillips.

The photos are from the  1996 ‘Children in Need’ Toddle through Centenary Square in Birmingham, outside the Hyatt hotel.  Included are ‘Midlands Today’ presenters Sue Beardsmore, David Davies, Shefali Oza and Gary Hudson, as well as director Merrick Simmonds, and cameraman Jamie Knights.

Marie Phillips is pictured with Aston Villa player, Shaun Teale, in the third photo.  Apparently she had her photo taken with Shaun to make her Villa supporting son, jealous!

Midlands at Westminster in Strasbourg











Photo from Sue Robinson, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of a ‘Midlands at Westminster’ shoot in Strasbourg. Featured, left to right are: Sarah Foley, Jim Knights (camera), Naomi Goldsmith (producer), Gordon Nightingale (sound).  Merrick Simmonds was the director.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Sarah Foley: ‘Was great fun! In the days of a full crew. Definitely very early 1990’s. Interesting, very busy, lovely weather, and snails in garlic butter are the things I remember!’

Peter Poole: ‘Mike Greatorex and I worked on ‘The Midlands at Westminster’ from its start. It was broadcast live from the Foyer. The director was John Taylor. I think the first presenter was David Davies. Other presenters include Peter Hobday, Steve Le Fevre, Michael Collie and Naomi Goldsmith. At a later date the programme moved to Studio B. Patrick Burns always produced high quality programmes. He also seemed to manage a very happy production team. I have many happy memories of working with you all.’