Bev Dartnall’s memorial

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This afternoon was the memorial for former BBC Doctors series producer, Bev Dartnall, who died in February. The service was a celebration of Bev’s life, and everyone was encouraged to wear bright colours, rather than black. Peter Lloyd, one of the current series producers of Doctors led the memorial – and it was a fitting tribute that I’m sure Bev would have appreciated. The tone was finely judged – there were tears, laughs, poignant memories, and even some singing.

We were told about how Bev saw herself as ‘just a poor girl from Nechells’; she rose through the BBC ranks from a clerk to drama series producer, and then took voluntary redundancy and went to live her dream, in Spain. Bev was a life-long Birmingham City fan, and woe betide any Doctors’ storyline that might make mention of any other West Midlands’ team!

Mike Hobson, also from Doctors, recounted a number of email exchanges with Bev, that he had recently looked over – many revolved around wrap parties and the need for nuts and nibbles to supplement the drinks! Other themes involved actors, and threatened that if any more actors complained about their dressing rooms, then Doctors would have to storyline a bus crash and kill them all off! There were also threats of dismissal if the costume department ever dressed a character in a Manchester United scarf again!

Writer, Claire Bennett talked about Bev’s directing of a theatre group in an upstairs room, above the Old Joint Stock pub in Birmingham – the success of which caused the pub to install a permanent theatre room there, and close friend Bobbie Chapman read a poem she’d written to Bev, when she moved to Spain. There were also poems read by two of Bev’s god children.

It was a bitter-sweet event, very moving at times, and funny and uplifting at others. The room at Kings Heath Cricket Club was packed with friends and colleagues. The service had been brilliantly organised by Bev’s friends: Bobbie Chapman, Sarah Costigan and Michelle, with valiant technical support from Ian Collins and Neil Roberts.


‘Kinsey’ Series 2- photos from Willoughby Gullachsen



















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‘Kinsey’ was a drama which ran for 2 series about a maverick Midlands’ lawyer: Kinsey, played by Leigh Lawson.  Peter Gibbs wrote the script, Richard Standeven was the director and Carol Parks the producer.  Barry Hanson was the executive producer.  ‘Kinsey’ was produced at Pebble Mill in 1991 and 1992.

The first photo features Kinsey, played by Leigh Lawson, with Minnie Driver.  This still was taken during filming of the last episode: ‘Conflicts of Interest’, which went out on 8/12/92.

The second photo shows the crew recording a tracking shot.  (Left to right) John Kenway (camera), Rob Southam (focus Puller), Kevin Williams, Herbie Donnelly (sparks), Monica Heath (1st AD), at the corner of the building Richard Standeven (director), Mike Hobson,  & Andrew Smith.



Photos from drama producer Bev Dartnall, not to be reproduced without permission.

Dangerfield was a police surgeon drama series which started in 1995, and ran until 1999. Paul Dangerfield, the police surgeon, was played by Nigel Le Vaillant, with Joanna Stevens being played by Amanda Redman.  In later series Nigel Havers played the lead.  Chris Parr was the Executive Producer.  Dangerfield was produced at Pebble Mill.

It is Kenilworth Castle which is shown in a couple of the photos.