Photos from drama producer Bev Dartnall, not to be reproduced without permission.

Dangerfield was a police surgeon drama series which started in 1995, and ran until 1999. Paul Dangerfield, the police surgeon, was played by Nigel Le Vaillant, with Joanna Stevens being played by Amanda Redman.  In later series Nigel Havers played the lead.  Chris Parr was the Executive Producer.  Dangerfield was produced at Pebble Mill.

It is Kenilworth Castle which is shown in a couple of the photos.

3 comments on “Dangerfield
  1. It isn’t near Lapworth is it? How young do they all look. It’s so good to see old faces. Amin Hassan, what more can I say? x

  2. Hi, I thought it might be Ludlow, but do you think that it’s Kenilworth Castle? Also can you put names to faces in the first picture: I know Mike Hobson, Bev Dartnall and Peter Lloyd, but not the other two.

  3. It is indeed Kenilworth castle, what an episode to make, Helicopters and the full toys out.
    In the first picture along with Mike, Peter and myself is sue Dunn who was production co-ordinator and unfortunately I cannot remember the other man’s name but he was a driver on the production.

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