Nanny – Costume Sketches

Ellie nightgown ep 10

Ellie nightgown ep 10

Jane, garden outfit

Jane, garden outfit

Ellie, ep 10, wool paisley dress

Ellie, ep 10, wool paisley dress














Copyright Janice Rider, no reproduction without permission.

These are photos of the original sketches by costume designer, Janice Rider, from the series Nanny.

The series was a BBC London one, hosted by Pebble Mill, transmission 1983. It was set in the 1930s, starring Wendy Craig, as Nanny.


Nanny – press cuttings

Nanny press cutting 1 JR Nanny press cutting JR













Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Press cuttings from the hosted drama series, Nanny, made at Pebble Mill. The series starred Wendy Craig, as Nanny. These cuttings are from the third and final series, transmitted in 1983.

Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for sharing the cuttings.


Nanny 13 JR

Nanny S3 1 JR

Nanny series 3 1982-3 JR

Nanny Series 3 Wendy Craig JR

































Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Nanny, was a BBC drama series, starring Wendy Craig. It was set in 1930s England. There were three series of ten episodes each, transmitted in 1981, ’82 and ’83. Pebble Mill hosted the third series, although I don’t know if the first two series were made in Birmingham or London.

These photos are from the third series.

Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider for sharing the photos.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Eurwyn Jones: “I worked on most of the series and if I remember rightly they started in the 30s through to WW2 into the forties. I believe it was all done at Pebble Mill. Joy Pugh was Wendy Craig’s dresser. It was hosted by Pebble Mill for Drama, Series and Serials London. I have some pics somewhere myself.”

Susie Astle (Bankers): “I was the make up designer on one of the series done from Pebble mill. Samantha was Wendy’s assistant. Carole Brady, Linda, Lesley Weaver and more worked on the show when we had lots of extras. It was a nice series to work on with a lovely cast and crew.”
Lynda Kettle: “Margaret Peacock was the designer, I was her art director on some of them and I designed one of the episodes.”

Eurwyn Jones in Studio A Quick Change

Eurwyn Jones with costume

Photo from Eurwyn Jones, no reproduction without permission.

Floor Manager, Eurwyn Jones, liked to pop in to the quick change room of Studio A, for a chat with the girls in Costume.

The Costume girls include Alison Mitchell top left, Di Lester top right, Joy Pugh front left and Janet Sandles front, right hand side.

The photo probably dates from the early/mid 1980s.

It was probably taken during a Studio day for the drama series ‘Nanny’, which featured Wendy Craig. Joy Pugh was Wendy Craig’s dresser.