Pebble Mill before the BBC

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I found this short history of the BBC Pebble Mill site on a Facebook Page, ‘Birmingham Back in The Day’. Here is the link to it:

“Pebble Mill was a fulling mill in the 16th century. Standing on the Bournbrook, it was also known as Kings Mill or Kynges Mill after John Kynge. On his death in 1557 this mill together with Over Mill at Edgbaston passed to his son, Roger Kynge. The mill was used for blade grinding in the mid-17th century and was a corn mill by the mid-19th century.

The millpool, which was drained in 1883 allegedly after a high incidence of suicides, became the site of the BBC Pebble Mill studios from c1960. The building was demolished in 2005 when services transferred to the Mailbox in the City Centre.”


Blue Plaque for Pebble Mill – press release

Pebble Mill building circa 1970, copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission














Former Pebble Mill series editor, Steve Weddle has sent out the press release below, about Pebble Mill’s Blue Plaque status:


Our iconic BBC Pebble Mill has been awarded a Blue Plaque in honour of its unique contribution to broadcasting.

Since a recent coffee morning when Jim Dumighan commented that there wasn’t any indication that Pebble Mill ever existed, ‘not even a Blue Plaque’, Jenny Brewer and Steve Weddle have been campaigning to get our former home recognised.

The Heritage Foundation, who award Blue Plaques to a select few in the field of entertainment have granted this rare honour.

The Blue Plaque will be displayed on the front of a new private hospital about to start construction on the old site, thanks to its owners Circle Health, who have agreed to help us out.

There will be an unveiling ceremony soon after the hospital has been completed in around two years’ time – just enough time to plan a party!!!

The good news also featured on a recent edition of Midlands Today, and the BBC Radio WM and Hereford and Worcestershire breakfast shows.

The Implaquables


Blue Plaque for Pebble Mill

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Steve Weddle has been leading a campaign for a Blue Plaque to commemorate BBC Pebble Mill. His hard work has been rewarded with success! Here is how Steve revealed the news last Friday, 7th April 2017:

“I’m pleased to announce that we have been granted a Blue Plaque for BBC Pebble Mill, in honour of its status as an inconic broadcasting institution. The Heritage Foundation, who recently awarded plaques for Morecambe and Wise, The Who and Eric Sykes have made this award in recognition of our innovative work there. And thank you also to Circle Health, who have agreed to display the plaque on the front of their new hospital, which will soon start construction on the site where BBC Pebble Mill once stood. So, we anticipate the unveiling of the Plaque in about two years time – just enough time to plan a party! Rejoice!!!”

Steve Weddle

Cutting of the First Sod – 50th Anniversary

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Today (7th April, 2017) is the 50th anniversary of the ceremonial cutting of the first sod for the BBC Pebble Mill building.

The director general, Sir Hugh Carleton Greene did the honours with the spade.

Please add a comment if you can identify any of the great and the good who attended.

Thanks to Pete Simpkin for sharing the photograph.



Redevelopment of Pebble Mill site

Dental Hospital on former Pebble Mill site. Copyright resides with the original holder.












The article below was published in the Birmingham Post, and Birmingham Mail on 21st March 2017:

“The next phase of a major regeneration at the former home of the BBC in Birmingham has been revealed.

Calthorpe Estates, which owns the old Pebble Mill site in Edgbaston, has lodged new plans with the city council to create a building of up to 53,820 sq ft containing a range of medical facilities.

This latest stage is for a building of up to five storeys on ‘plot 4’ which will face onto Pebble Mill Road off the A38 Bristol Road.

Other elements of the regeneration include the new dental school, which is now open, a private hospital to be run by CircleHealth and new student accommodation.

There is not much detail on this latest phase as the planning application is only seeking outline consent for the building as a whole but it could contain R&D facilities, a hospital and a ‘non-residential institution’ such as a health centre or clinic.

The site has been vacant since 2003 when the former BBC Studios were demolished and the corporation moved to the Mailbox.”

(N.B. the date given of 2003, for the demolition of Pebble Mill is inaccurate. Production stopped at Pebble Mill in 2004, and the building was demolished in 2005).

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Ruth Kiosses: ‘Let’s hope they have a better pump under the building than PM did, oh what fun when the flood water used to rise up to wardrobe windows, giving approx five minutes to raise costumes off the floor before it gushed in. First time it did it the electrical plugs in the floor were smoking.’