Slade on Pebble Mill

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This clip of Slade’s Christmas classic is from the lunchtime entertainment show, Pebble Mill, presented by Alan Titchmarsh. It dates from 1991, which was Slade’s final year.

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The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Kate Boston-Williams: ‘Remember it well. We were hauled out of the office to make some noise.’

Rachel Ridge: ‘I met Noddy once at the RTSs… think he was guest of honour as the Greatest Living Midlander and my gosh he lived up to the title. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met and a total gent. Highlight of my telly career.’

Andy Frizzell: ‘Met Noddy Holder couple of months ago for a show on Sky soon. Hasn’t changed much, what a lovely bloke. No airs and graces and very easy to work with.’

Noddy Holder on Sky shoot, photo by Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission

Roger Casstles reminisces about BBC Pebble Mill

Specially shot video of Roger Casstles talking about why BBC Pebble Mill was a special place. The video is recorded on Pebble Mill Road, overlooking the site where Pebble Mill stood, and is now a dental hospital. Roger mentions some of the productions that came from Pebble Mill, like Pebble Mill at One, Midlands Today, The Archers, as well as the Midland Radio Orchestra, and being a centre for drama, but tells us that the really important thing was how people worked together, for instance post production working across all productions and the way that Graphics and Set Design departments collaborated with production. Roger Casstles was the creator and producer of The Clothes Show, the fashion magazine series which ran from the 1986-2000.

(The video was shot by BCU Media graduate, Ash Connaughton, with me, (Vanessa Jackson) asking the questions).

Roger Casstles at the site of Pebble Mill











The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Andy Frizzell: ‘Had some great shoots with Roger in many countries around the world. As always talking a lot of sense. We were all saddened by the closing of ‘The Mill’.

Claire Chambers: ‘As Roger would say “ why answer a question with one word when thousands will do” ! Very well said’

Linda Hearn-Clapham: ‘Very happy memories of recording Hartbeat and The Movie Game at Pebble Mill in the 90’s!’

Pebble Mill before the BBC

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I found this short history of the BBC Pebble Mill site on a Facebook Page, ‘Birmingham Back in The Day’. Here is the link to it:

“Pebble Mill was a fulling mill in the 16th century. Standing on the Bournbrook, it was also known as Kings Mill or Kynges Mill after John Kynge. On his death in 1557 this mill together with Over Mill at Edgbaston passed to his son, Roger Kynge. The mill was used for blade grinding in the mid-17th century and was a corn mill by the mid-19th century.

The millpool, which was drained in 1883 allegedly after a high incidence of suicides, became the site of the BBC Pebble Mill studios from c1960. The building was demolished in 2005 when services transferred to the Mailbox in the City Centre.”


Blue Plaque for Pebble Mill – press release

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Former Pebble Mill series editor, Steve Weddle has sent out the press release below, about Pebble Mill’s Blue Plaque status:


Our iconic BBC Pebble Mill has been awarded a Blue Plaque in honour of its unique contribution to broadcasting.

Since a recent coffee morning when Jim Dumighan commented that there wasn’t any indication that Pebble Mill ever existed, ‘not even a Blue Plaque’, Jenny Brewer and Steve Weddle have been campaigning to get our former home recognised.

The Heritage Foundation, who award Blue Plaques to a select few in the field of entertainment have granted this rare honour.

The Blue Plaque will be displayed on the front of a new private hospital about to start construction on the old site, thanks to its owners Circle Health, who have agreed to help us out.

There will be an unveiling ceremony soon after the hospital has been completed in around two years’ time – just enough time to plan a party!!!

The good news also featured on a recent edition of Midlands Today, and the BBC Radio WM and Hereford and Worcestershire breakfast shows.

The Implaquables


Blue Plaque for Pebble Mill

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Steve Weddle has been leading a campaign for a Blue Plaque to commemorate BBC Pebble Mill. His hard work has been rewarded with success! Here is how Steve revealed the news last Friday, 7th April 2017:

“I’m pleased to announce that we have been granted a Blue Plaque for BBC Pebble Mill, in honour of its status as an inconic broadcasting institution. The Heritage Foundation, who recently awarded plaques for Morecambe and Wise, The Who and Eric Sykes have made this award in recognition of our innovative work there. And thank you also to Circle Health, who have agreed to display the plaque on the front of their new hospital, which will soon start construction on the site where BBC Pebble Mill once stood. So, we anticipate the unveiling of the Plaque in about two years time – just enough time to plan a party! Rejoice!!!”

Steve Weddle