Camera Crew and the Nike Crane

Photographs by Bhasker Solanki, no reproduction without permission

The top photo features camera operators Philip Thickett and Alan Duxbury. The lower photo features camera operator, Keith Froggatt.

If the photographs are from The Various Ends of Mrs F’s Friends, then they date from 1981.

The following comment was added on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

James French: ‘That is a Nike crane from London. It only came up a couple of times. I’m guessing this is from ‘The Various Ends of Mrs F’s Friends’ directed and choreographed by Gillian Lynne?’


Harrier on Pebble Mill at One

Photo by Robin Sunderland, no reproduction without permission.













Harrier jet lands at Pebble Mill, as part of Pebble Mill at One. Keith Brook (aka Scouse) is on camera, and I think Philip Thickett is cable bashing.

Cargo Kings script front pages

copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission









































































































































Cargo Kings was one of a handful of live plays from Pebble Mill transmitted in March 1983. By this time it was very unusual to stage television drama live, because of its limitations, so these plays were quite a brave enterprise.

These script front pages show the cast and crew of the drama, as well as the rehearsal schedule and scene order.

Thanks to Philip Thickett, who was one of the cameramen, presumably on camera 5, from the notes on the script, for sharing it.

BORRIS, (scribbled on the script) for those who don’t know was the drama rehearsal room which was part of the garage and outside broadcast block at the back of BBC Pebble Mill.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Terry Powell: ‘Yet, another show I worked on. We really did do some fabulous programmes.’

Janice Rider: ‘Yes indeed we did Terry – that was quite a nerve-wracking experience as I remember but we were all relieved we managed to pull it off including quick changes . See they spelled my name wrong on the running order as usual!’

Terry Powell: ‘Yes, indeed. But we still had fun. We literally went from one show to another in those days. We must have been like race horses.’







Harrier landing at Pebble Mill































Photos by Chris Harris, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show the landing of a harrier jump jet on a ‘Pebble Mill at One’ programme, produced by John Smith.

The first photo shows the harrier coming in over the Pershore Road.

The second shows presenter Marian Foster, and cameraman Keith Brook waiting for the pilot to climb out of the cockpit.

The third photo is of the interview itself, and includes Philip Thickett as cable basher.

VT E – photos by Brian Watkiss

Photos by Brian Watkiss, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are of a studio recording in VT E between 1990-2.  Editor, Nigel Evans is on the left, then Simon Bennett, with director, Philip Thickett on the right.  You can see the machine room through the window on the left hand-side.

The second photo also shows Nigel Evans in VT E.  The recording looks to be of a cookery programme, possibly ‘Hot Chefs’.  You’ll also notice an owl soft toy on top of the monitor. The owl still exists somewhere.  The owl has two eyes, a red and a green one. If it lit up red it would signify a non PAL edit IIRC!

Thanks to Paul Vanezis for adding information about these photos.