Prospero – Demolition of Pebble Mill

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Thanks to Peter Poole for finding, and sharing this article about memories of Pebble Mill, from the BBC retirees’ publication – Prospero. The article was written by Lincoln Sam Shaw, and published in June 2006.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Marie Phillips: ‘I think I am right that Lincoln Sam Shaw was Simon Shaw’s father. I remember my Personnel Boss, Andy Tylee, speaking of him and what a great character he was.’

Cathy Houghton: ‘Sam Shaw was News Editor on Midlands Today and a good boss. He and his wife still feature in the opening titles of Antiques Road Show – it’s their wedding picture you see. There will be lots of people who remember Sam.’

Jane Savage: ‘A lovely article. I joined the BBC at Pebble Mill on the Secretarial Reserve – the week after Princess Anne’s official opening – and one of my first assignments was in the newsroom. I remember Sam making time during the power crisis to reassure an elderly lady who had telephoned in anxious to find out when her electricity might return. The first person she spoke to was trying to get rid of her but Sam took over and he was just brilliant – the human face in a frantic environment.’

2005 Prospero article by John Wood

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This Prospero article by John Wood, is from September 2005. It concentrates on the heyday of Pebble Mill, when 10% of output was created in Birmingham. Phil Sidey, the first HoB of Pebble Mill is credited with spotting the potential of the foyer as the studio for Pebble Mill at One.

Phil Sidey is shown in a photo with John Wood, from the press office, in the bar.

Thanks to Peter Poole for sharing the article.


CMCR9 (CM1/North3) – Jerry Clegg

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Article by former sound supervisor, Jerry Clegg from BBC Manchester, about the outings that the newly restored CMCR 9, outside broadcast scanner, which was Pebble Mill’s CM1, and later Manchester’s North 3, has had this year.

The article appeared in a recent edition of Prospero.

CMCR 9 Prospero Articles – Jerry Clegg































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Jerry Clegg wrote the following articles for the BBC pensioners magazine, Prospero, about the restoration of the OB scanner CMCR 9.  This scanner was Pebble Mill’s original CM 1.  It went on to become North 3, out of Manchester.

Thanks to Jerry Clegg for agreeing for his articles to be published here.