The World of James Herriot – exhibition

Photos copyright of ‘The World of James Herriot’, no reproduction without permission.

‘The World of James Herriot’ in Thirsk in North Yorkshire celebrates the life of ‘James Herriot’ (James Alfred Wight).  It is currently staging a special exhibition about ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.  The series was filmed on location in Askrigg in the Yorkshire Dales, with the interiors recorded in Pebble Mill’s Studio A.

Several months ago the organiser of the exhibition asked permission to use some of the ‘All Creatures’ photos posted on this website – which the takers of those photos were happy to agree to.  Tim Savage had taken photos of the Studio sets, and Maggie Thomas of the locations.  Several people who worked on the series are also quoted in the exhibition, including make-up designer, Maggie Thomas and  sound technician, Paul Balmer.

The organiser of special exhibition sent me these photos of the display, and you can see Paul and Maggie’s contributions on one of the boards.

Pebble Mill at One – photos by Tim Savage



















Photos by Tim Savage, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show the building of a set on the back lawn at Pebble Mill. You can see the building behind the set.

These cottages were positioned in the same place as the ‘On The House’ house, although these photos pre-date the 1980’s DIY series.

I thought at first the set must have been for a drama, but Tim Savage tells me they were part of a short series of items on ‘Pebble Mill at One’ about refurbishing old houses.  They would have been taken in the early 1980s.

Mick Murphy on location – photos by Tim Savage

Photos by Tim Savage, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show Mick Murphy, floor manager, director and self shooter, on location wearing a very silly hat!  Apparently it was a very practical piece of headgear meaning that Mick could do countdowns with both hands, whilst still keeping dry!

The outside broadcast was a Pebble Mill at One  in the Cotswolds Special and this location was a brewery – possibly the Donnington Brewery near Stow-on-the-Wold.  Mick was standing in for Barbara Courtney-King when these shots were taken.

The dark haired girl with Mick is researcher, Jacqui Phillips.

Thanks to Tim and Jayne Savage, Jane Clement, Dave Bushell and Mick Murphy for providing additional information.

Mick Murphy