This site is to celebrate programme making at BBC Pebble Mill. There are video interviews, photographs and text about the programmes and the building. If you have photos, memories or other material, please contact us.

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October 19, 2017Dreams of Leaving


Dreams of Leaving

This publicity photograph, of Kate Nelligan and Bill Nighy is from the Play for Today: Dreams of Leaving, transmitted on 17th January 1980. Below is the entry from the Radio Times, from the BBC Genome project: ‘A film by DAVID HARE William came to work in Fleet Street in 1971. London meant girls, as many […]

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October 18, 2017The Flying Gardener


The Flying Gardener

Save                     The first series of The Flying Gardener was produced in London, by Owen Gay in 2001, with the subsequent series being produced in Birmingham in 2003. Sarah Davis (now Moors) was the producer, and Gill Tierney the series producer, when the series transferred to […]

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October 17, 2017Radio WM studio


Radio WM studio

                      Chris Nelson in Radio WM, with the desk partially dismantled, on the first floor of Pebble Mill. The following comments were added to the Pebble Mill Facebook page: Andy Walters: ‘That’s gotta be Area 1. The only Studio that was orientated that way. The […]

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October 16, 2017Joan Walsh


Joan Walsh

                        Joan Walsh, who worked in the BBC canteen in Birmingham from 1952, sadly died last week (Oct 2017), aged 93. Louise Willcox has pieced together some of information about Joan’s career, with the help of former colleagues. Joan worked at Carpenter Road, before […]

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October 12, 2017Colin Campbell


Colin Campbell

                                                                                Virtuoso pianist Colin Campbell has passed away aged 77 (Oct 2017). Colin was a keyboard […]

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