Seed – photo from John Greening

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‘Seed’ was a single drama which went out in 1996, it was part of a new writers’ competition, the script was written by Cole Bradley.  The BFI database includes the following synopsis for it:

“Rites-of-passage drama set in Birmingham. Les is just out of prison and wants to see his baby but the mother Julie and her family are against the idea. Together with his friend Ben, Les decides to plant a field of wheat on a piece of waste ground for the baby. Ben has to decide whether to go to Jamaica or not and his decision depends on his girlfriend Hashi. She plans that they will make love three times in extraordinary places in order to make their decision.”

The drama starred Jim Pyke as Les, Terence Maynard as Ben, Nicola Arumugam as Hashi, Ram John Holder as Ben’s grandad, and Sudha Bhuchar as Aunt Minah.

Photo includes: John Greening – director, Kevin Lakin – location manager, Peter Lloyd – script editor, Amanda Neal – 1st AD, Barbara Mackie – Producer, Midge Ferguson – AD, Janice Rider – Costume Designer, Bev Dartnall – Associate Producer, Leigh Ashurst – design,  Jim Gray – camera, Andy Morton – sound, Jo Mainwaring – PA, Vivienne Oldham – make-up designer. Dave Bushell, was the lighting director, although I can’t see him pictured.


Pebble Mill Signs – from Russell Parker

Photos by Russell Parker, no reproduction without permission.

The first sign used to hang in MFA (multi format area) of Post Production, where tapes and film would be transferred. I don’t know what the machine was that the sign was pointing out the dangers to, nor what the ‘liquid’ was, but I love the dramatic nature of it!

The second sign obviously was displayed on the BBC Birmingham Club, which was a separate single storey building over the brook from the main Pebble Mill block.

The sign may have been referring to the film processing equipment, which was run by Alan Barnby and John Brian.

It’s reassuring to know that these little bits of history were not consigned to landfill when the building was demolished – but live on to be enjoyed!

Electrical Safety Sign – from Andy Frizzell

Photo by Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission.

This sign was salvaged from BBC Pebble Mill, before the building was demolished, and rehomed.

It used to hang on the wall between the inner and outer doors of studio A (airlock) nearest the Foyer. There must have been others at the other entrances.

Judging by the BBC logo it must have been there from the day the studios opened.

Golden Oldie Picture Show – Christmas 1986

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The ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’ was presented by Radio 1 D.J., Dave Lee Travis.  The show created music videos for Hits which pre-dated the era of music videos, and directors were encouraged to choose a track and create a story around it.  It was produced at Pebble Mill by Exec, John King.

This photo dates from Christmas 1986, and was taken on location at the Red Lion, Somerton, Somerset, where the links for that show were recorded.  Left to right, back row it includes: Dave Lee Travis (presenter), John King (exec), Mike Williams (lighting cameraman), John Parker (sound), Jim Hatchard (set design).  Front row: Andy Frizzell (lighting), Nigel Davey (camera), Phil O’Shea (props), Gail Herbert (P.A.), Veronica McAleer (Brebner)(make-up).

Thanks to Gail Herbert for making the photo available, and to Andy Frizzell, Kevin Lakin and Lesley Weaver for adding information.



Radio WM, Paul Franks

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Paul Franks had a career as an executive with Ford, before winning a competition at Radio WM and beginning a whole new career as a Sports front man for the station.

Thanks to Stuart Gandy for making this photocard available.