Blacksmith’s set on Great Expectations

Photos by Robin Sunderland, no reproduction without permission











































Photos on the set of the 1981 adaptation of Great Expectation taken by cameraman Robin Sunderland. These were taken in Studio A at Pebble Mill.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Robin Sunderland: ‘Yes, think it is me on the camera. I always remember walking into the studio on the first day, and thinking…….blimey, they built a whole street!! I think it ran diagonally across the studio from one corner to another, presumably to make it as long as possible. And the horses seemed unfazed, by their studio experience.’

Graham Pettifer: ‘We had the best set builders and painters.’

Break time at Studio A. Photo by Graham Pettifer.

The Afternoon Play – Turkish Delight


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This screen grab is from a drama series with the working title of Popcorn. The series was renamed as The Afternoon Play, and this episode was entitled, Turkish Delight.

Thanks to VT Editor, Ian Collins, for making them available.

Thanks to Neil Roberts and Dawn Trotman for adding information about this production.

Here is the entry from the Radio Times, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

‘Turkish Delight. Carol turns her mundane life around when she learns belly dancing.
Written by Rowan Joffe ; Producer Carson Black ; Director Adrian Bean


Written By: Rowan Joffe
Producer: Carson Black
Director: Adrian Bean
Carol Haye: Denise Welch
Trevor Haye: Tim Dantay
Brenda: Glynis Barber
Inez: Rae Baker
Suzie: Charlie Hayes
Malcolm: Neil Newbon
Ahmed: Anatol Yusef
Sirous: Michael Tezcan’

John Kenyon

(Jim Dumighan has shared the information below about John Kenyon)

John Kenyon has died, at his home near Skipton, Yorkshire.  He was 83.

John headed the Farming Unit at BBC Midlands for two decades before Gardeners’ World was added to his CV.  His stewardship of the weekly Farming programme over such a long period was testing, given that his output was always closely scrutinised by the powerful farming lobby, led by most rural M.P.s.

In 1978, John took over Gardeners’ World, but still retained responsibility for Farming  Eventually, he opted for the single post of Executive Producer, Gardening Programmes, and remained there until retirement.

Away from farming and gardening, John enjoyed a lengthy attachment in London with the Horizon programme.

A Tynesider, John joined the BBC in Birmingham after graduating in agriculture at King’s College – which later became Newcastle University.  He will be remembered as an energetic and resourceful producer, as well as being a loyal and supportive colleague.

The following comment was added on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Andy Frizzell: ‘A lovely man with a wicked sense of humour. Worked on GW during his tenure and always a joy to work with.’

Adult Literacy series On the Road

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These photos are from the adult literacy series, On the Road.

The photos were originally posted on the Pebble Mill Engineers Facebook group, but look they are by someone is Costume.

Pebble Mill’s 10th Anniversary Event

Photo by Julian Sharp, no reproduction without permission












Here is a photo from the 10th Anniversary event in 1981, courtesy of Julian Sharp. On the main table clockwise from left, Keith Warrender, Claire Pilson, Jane ?, James Young, nearside, Colin Fearnley and companion, Julian Sharp, Trish Allen. Holding cracker is Basil Cottrill and on the table behind I can identify Pete Prior and Tony Newbury. There are other faces in the gloom if anyone can identify them.

Thanks to Keith Warrender for sharing the photo.