6.55 Special – from Mark Kershaw

Copyright of the photo resides with the original photographer (possibly Wendy Levesley).

The early 1980’s 6.55 Special was a nightly chat show on BBC 2.  It came from Studio 1 ( which was actually the radio studio using the CM2 Outside Broadcast unit for cameras.

The photo is of the production meeting before the show and includes – left to right: David Williams (music booker and producer of this particular show), Mark Kershaw (director), Sally James (presenter), and the back of David Soul’s (co-presenter) head.  The photo is possibly for a special whole music show with Elkie Brooks, which turned out rather well!

Sally James co-presented the first series of 6.55 Special with David Soul, and the second with Paul Coia.

The second series came from the courtyard behind the Pebble Mill at One Studio C, with a retractable roof fitted in case of rain.

Stuart Gandy comments: “I definitely remember the courtyard being used for the 6.55 special, and from an audio point of view the roof wasn’t very successful, especially if it rained!. I cant quite remember if it was for this programme, or one that came later, buit at some point a scenery door was fitted to the back of Studio 1 to make it easier to get sets in and out.”

6.55 Special
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