Arthur Heywood – photo from Jane McLean

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The photo is of a 1980 Pebble Mill at One shoot in Hong Kong.  In the photo are L-R: two unknowns; Jane McLean; John Gilbert; Nigel Davey; John Smith; John Williams; Arthur Heywood.

Thanks to Jane McLean for making this photo available.

Arthur Heywood was a Gaffer at BBC Birmingham from the early/mid 1960s until the 1980s.

Arthur died on Feb 7, 2012.

Colleagues who remember him fondly left the following comments on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jane McLean: ‘One of my very favourite people. Had an amazing trip to Hong Kong and China with him in the 80s. He bought enough furniture out there to furnish a house .. then had to pay at least twice as much to get it shipped back here.’

Carol Churchill: ‘How sad worked with Arthur on lots of dramas and spent many jolly evenings in pubs with him and crew.’

Lesley Weaver: ‘We were only talking about Arthur the other day. That’s very sad he was such a lovely man & adorably cheeky ! I agree Carol lots of jolly times were shared with him. God bless you Arthur! X’

Janice Rider: ‘Simply a lovely man . Very sad’

2 comments on “Arthur Heywood – photo from Jane McLean
  1. Arthur was one of those guys who could lay his hands to do almost anything, and often did. One such occasion on arrival at Singaporei in the middle of the night, my first trip abroad as a DOP, for some reason my assistant threw himself into the storm ditch that surrounded the hotel. Not only did he twist his ankle and put himself out of action but he also smashed all the units bottles of booze we had collected on the journey out that he was carrying. It was Arthur who saved the day not by replenishing the booze, although thinking back he may have done his best at that too, no He acted as my assistant for three days so that we could carry on shooting until my assistant rejoined the unit. Arthur and I spent many years working together having some great times but that is the one that sticks in my memory
    John Willie

  2. Hi John

    I’m planning on emailing Arthur’s widow with a link to this page – or would it be more appropriate if you did so?

    Best wishes


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