Colin Pierpoint blog, part 13 – Pebble Mill at One pilot


CMCR9, photo from John Abbott, no reproduction without permission

CMCR9 (on Gardeners’ World), photo from John Abbott, no reproduction without permission












[Here is the thirteenth part of Colin Pierpoint’s blog about his BBC career]

I think the Pebble Mill at One programme needs no explanation to our readers, but I was asked by the  Deputy Manager Comms and Engineering Services, John Stark, to be the communications co-ordinator for the pilot programme, which was to try out the system. The mixing point or gallery was the Birmingham scanner CMCR6 or 9. This was parked in the garage area where there was a wallbox with tielines to the Communications Centre. I was rushing round from here to VT and Comms Centre trying to get circuits established. I don’t think everyone in Operations knew that I had actually been allocated to do this, perhaps I should have explained to those I came into contact with. The reason for using the scanner was that Studio A at Pebble Mill must have been in use. On other days the scanner was at Gosta Green to give colour facilities on a drive in basis. (Gosta Green studio was never converted to colour, and was eventually sold as a black and white studio).

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  1. I have received a correction which I am sure is accurate, that John Stark was DMCES (Deputy Manager Comms and Engineering Services); Keith Linsey was Comms Manager. Also my correspondent says that Studio A was active 3 years before Pebble Mill at One started. In that case CMCR9 was used for the pilot programme because the other studios A and B were in use.

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