Film Editor, Henry Fowler – photo by Ian Collins

Photograph by Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

The photo shows film editor Henry Fowler at his Steenbeck, editing.  Henry Fowler edited a variety of dramas and documentaries at BBC Pebble Mill including:

‘Death of a Miner’ 1968, ‘Before the Mast’ 1971, ‘That Quiet Earth’ 1972 (30 Min Theatre),’The Shoals of Herring’ 1972, ‘Land of Green Ginger’ 1973 (Play for Today), ‘Steps Back’ 1973 (Play for Today), ‘Penda’s Fen’ 1974 (Play for Today), ‘Gangsters’ 1975 (Play for Today), ‘Breath’ 1975 (Play for Today), ‘The Other Woman’ 1976 (Play for Today),’ The Muscle Market’ 1981 (Play for Today).

2 comments on “Film Editor, Henry Fowler – photo by Ian Collins
  1. I think I may have taken this photograph. It’s in my contact sheets file.

    Henry was a great craftsman. And always a pleasure to work with.

    Peter Poole

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