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Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission

In 2001-2 we made a 15 part series with Italian chef, Giorgio Locatelli, for the UK Food channel, at Pebble Mill. It was Giorgio’s first TV series. Below is the programme information which we supplied to UK Food:

“In this inspirational new series, Giorgio Locatelli gets fresh with timeless classics like tiramisu and osso bucco and seduces us with innovative interpretations of Italian dishes suffused with tempting Mediterranean flavours.

Importing only the finest Italian ingredients and savouring the choicest seasonal produce available, Giorgio Locatelli has pioneered a new ‘Britalian’ cuisine in the kitchens of Zafferano and Cecconi’s in London.

Food fashion has been dominated in the recent past by fusion and anything fast, but Italian cookery has always remained close to our hearts tempting us with the hint of Tuscan landscapes and three-hour lunches al fresco. In Giorgio’s hands we discover the delights of Italian food as he shows us how to find the finest and freshest ingredients and in his inimitable fashion turns them into mouth-watering modern menus.

In each episode we hook up with Giorgio out and about as he shops for vital ingredients. Then he welcomes us into his kitchen where perhaps he shows us how to make the perfect polenta and then, for the second dish, how to create something very special by introducing a contemporary twist on an Italian classic. In between dishes Giorgio gives us his guide to the best ingredients – perfect for entertaining.

The series is inspirational and full of the Italian passion and personality that influence the food so the viewer feels like a fellow guest in Giorgio’s kitchen.

Italians thrive on company and Giorgio is no exception. Throughout the series he is joined by fellow foodies, wine buffs and friends who stay for lunch and occasionally lend a hand. Giorgio Locatelli – Pure Italian is packed with fresh ideas to inspire the would-be chefs among us.

“Locatelli is the hottest thing since Calabrese salami in Italian restaurant cooking right now (Locanda Locatelli, London) and we’re here to tell you this guy’s food is exceptional.” John Lethlean, Epicure, The Age”


There were 15 episodes of Giorgio Locatelli: Pure Italian

Episode 1: North v. South. Giorgio is joined by Neapolitan chef Vincenzo Borgonzola to discuss the differences between the styles of cooking in the north and south of Italy.

Episode 2: Fish. Giorgio is joined by restaurateur Tony Allan, who is a great connoisseur of fish. Featured recipes chargrilled tuna with rocket and tomato salad; and frangipane tart.

Episode 3: Meaty. Butcher Clem Arricale joins Giorgio to prepare a selection of mouthwatering meat dishes, including Italian sausages with borlotti beans and calf’s liver with sultanas.

Episode 4: Savoury. A selection of Italian cakes and sweets are supplied by Ninai Zarach, an importer of fine Italian ingredients, who joins Giorgio in the kitchen for lunch.

Episode 5: Family. Giorgio is joined by his wife and daughter for a family meal. Recipes include buckwheat pasta with fontina cheese, leeks, cabbage and potato, entrecote of beef.

Episode 6: Food for the Boys. Giorgio prepares a meal for two friends, chef Andy Needham and fashion stylist Greg Faye. Dishes include beef carpaccio, potato and mint ravioli with a red pepper sauce.

Episode 7: Sunday Lunch. Top chef Giorgio Locatelli is joined by two friends, Italian cheese connoisseur Marco Vineis and chef Nick Bell, for Sunday lunch. This is classic Italian cuisine with a twist.

Episode 8: Quick Supper. Giorgio serves up some wholesome fast food to busy restaurateur Roy Ackermann: grilled tomini cheese with walnuts and pomegranates; and chargrilled chicken with spinach.

Episode 9: Entertaining Supper. Giorgio prepares an extravagant supper menu guaranteed to impress his friends and family. There is also a look behind the scenes in Giorgio’s restaurant to learn about wine.

Episode 10: Taste of Tuscany. Giorgio prepares a meal for chef Mario Bonaccorsi inspired by the flavours of Northern Italy. He also takes a trip to a specialist Italian delicatessen.

Episode 11: Pure Italian. Giorgio prepares a meal for his son and an old family friend using natural ingredients. He also visits London’s No 1 meat market and reveals his idea of the perfect cup of coffee.

Episode 12: Friends for Dinner. Pasquale D’Amico, head chef at one of London’s top Italian restaurants, is coming to dinner, so Giorgio prepares a meal to meet his friend’s exacting standards.

Episode 13: Special Celebration. Giorgio is joined by sushi chef Mark Edwards to prepare a selection of seafood dishes: baby octopus with tomato and bruschetta; and pears poached in wine and aromatic spices.

Episode 14: Colourful Cooking. Giorgio decides to use colourful ingredients to whet the appetites of his guests: chef Federico Sali and Benedetta Sita. He also explains why food presentation is so important.

Episode 15: Vegetarian. Giorgio prepares a selection of vegetarian dishes for market man Danny Murphy. He also takes a trip to Battersea in London, to visit a warehouse which houses a surprising secret.

I was the series producer, with self-shooting directors: Paul Vanezis and Paul Newman, and researcher: Joolz Richards.

Vanessa Jackson


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